Tekkit Server List - New updated 1.7.9

September 2, 2014

Tekkit Server List

Minecraft Tekkit mode Servers are listed below all types are listed most have no whitelist. 1.6.4

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Random-Craft Tekkit view Pure Vanilla Server List details Tekkit Factions mcMMO No Items Banned!

    On this server, I run the Walls 1&2 Fully Automated!!

    I have decided to make a tekkit server! There is currentaly NO items banned so come and join! We have a small staff(None needed). You can build whatever you could like. Only faction raiding is allowed, no regular griefing! We give the server 7GB(8Gb Burst) ram. The server has 40 slots and will be upgraded if it gets full a lot.

    Plugins installed on server: mcMMo, Factions, GroupManager, STAB

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2. ArmsReunite Tekkit Server! view Pure Vanilla Server List details Tekkit Servers

    Welcome to ArmsReunite Tekkit Server! EE IS NOT DISABLED! Little banned items and looking for good staff!

    ArmsReunite soon to be the #1 tekkit server and minecraft server, so what are you waiting for? Join us now and face the adventure that awaits you.

    We support the griefprevention plugin which protects your area from being griefed, the longer your online the more blocks you can claim. We have not released donator ranks since we are making them spic and span before releasing them to the public. Your first 5 hours of gameplay you have pvp disabled. You can also disable pvp in your griefprevention plot, the more your online, the more blocks you can claim!

    While you stay on you can get cool prefixs from out automated ranking system: Member – Starting Rank Trusted – 5 Hours Crafter – 15 Hours Builder – 35 Hours Blacksmith – 60 Hours Engineer – 80 Hours Technician – 100 Hours Architect – 130 Hours Apprentice – 160 Hours Landlord – 200 Hours Professor – 250 Hours

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4. BrutalCraft view Pure Vanilla Server List details FACTIONS PVP WAR CRACKED TEKKIT SERVERS

    TEKKIT TEKKIT TEKKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TEKKIT 3.1.2 CRACKEEEDD!! Download cracked tekkit here: http://mineshafter.tr0l.it/

    The server is 24/7 hosted at BeastNode


    Free Ranks

    Donator ranks:


    PVP and Griefing ALLOWED









    24/7 NO LAGG



5. Official SteamCraft Server view Pure Vanilla Server List details 100% grief free TOWNY server No whitelist Tekkit Server

    This server is 100% grief free TOWNY server. WORKING Quarries! All tekkit mods are installed. Server has EE2, EC2, BC, RP enabled! No whitelist! Friendly staff and members.

    Welcome to the tekkit devision of MiddleAgesMC. This is a towny server that has the best grief protection towny and lockette can offer. You can Protect all tekkit items. Guns and Effect items have been disabled for your protection! We offer multiple chat channels such as global, local and town chat.

    To talk in global put ! before chat. Local is default, Town chat is /tc chat.

    This is a brand new server that started on 8/23/12. New fresh land for you to make an industrial empire! To build in wild you must claim the land by making a town or by joining a town.

    Plugins installed on server: Towny, Lockette

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6. MC on Steroids [EE Enabled] view Pure Vanilla Server List details Minecraft Tekkit Servers listed

    After months of waiting and preparing, the world gets a brand new Tekkit server!

    Only Destructive items Banned!After jumping from server to server, dealing with admins, banned items and general restrictions, I decided we NEED a brand new survival tekkit server.

    Hate being overly-admin’d? Not here! It’s every man for himself! Protect your stuff, hide your stuff, or actually use Tekkit to it’s full potential and nobody will even be able to mess with you!

    This map is newly generated (10-6-12), not even a single block misplaced! Come build your empire!

    Dynmap at http://mc.blogryan.net:8123

    Plugins installed on server: Essentials, WorldGuard/Edit, LWC, TreeAssist, Dynmap, Multiverse

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