Survival Servers - New updated 1.7.9

August 29, 2014

Survival Servers

Some of the Top Survival Servers for Minecraft are listed below.Check the server list table below, to find the right type of Survival server list that is right for you.1.4.7

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Swisscraft 1.4.7 view Minecraft Survival Servers details No whitelist Survival Servers

    No whitelist – Just accept the rules ingame and you are ready to mine.

    Hosting a Minecraft server since the start of Minecraft SMP in 2010.

    Dynamic 30 player limit (player limit rises when more players want to connect)

    Hosted in Switzerland

    Fast connection, less lag.

    Nice and active mods that help you with every problem

    English and german players

    Using Bukkit and ZMA at the moment

    No building restrictions – Build wherever you want, when you want it.

    24/7/365 online

    Active community forum under, get fast support, tips and infos.

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2. Locked Craft view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    LockedCraft is a Free 24/7 Survival Server. The main focus of the server is Towny and mcMMO.
    Anyone can start a town or a nation and protect their builds to prevent griefing. You can sell your items at the shop to earn money then buy items there. We have multiple games to play such as Spleef, MobArena and PVP. So what are you waiting for?

    Join us now and let the fun begin!

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3. LavaCraft Survival view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    Official Minecraft Survival Games Server.

    Has had over 30,000 Players!

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4. GodWorld: Main Server view Minecraft Survival Servers details Pvp, Survival Server

    ~ GodWorld Features ~

    Godworld is FREEBUILD server running with bukkit. GodWorld runs with 32GB DDR3 RAM with a powerful Intel Xeon processor and we currently have a 250 player limit. GodWorld was launched on April 2, 2011 (more than one year online) and our community keeps growing.

    ~ Does Godworld use an Economy? ~

    Yes, we use Essentials Economy. We also our the official market at spawn with all the blocks in-game (sign interactive shop system).

    ~ Why should I join to GodWorld? ~

    Are you tired of joining countless numbers of servers, trying to find one with the right plugins you want, a nice community, and a friendly Staff team? GodWorld is your best choice! We have been online for more than one year so and our community continue growing.

    We have many features, GodWorld is a freebuild server, you don’t need to apply to be whitelisted. We have the best plugins: LogBlock (detect griefers), PvP Arena, Spleef Arena, WorldGuard, Mob Arena, McMMO and much more.

    ~ Can I be rewarded if I vote for GodWorld daily? ~

    Yes, you can get free diamonds instantly if you vote for GodWorld through our voting system daily.

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5. Spartan MC view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    Spartan Minecraft Server [1.2.5] is a fairly established survival minecraft server that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. We are hosted in the UK with 24/7 dedicated hosting and no lag! Why not come and see what your missing out on! Whether you join a town, venture into the pvp world and fight your enemies in a faction or explore the wilderness and build a house, the choice is yours!

    What features do we have?

    Griefing protection | 24/7 | Lag free | Shops | Towns | Factions | PVP and Non PVP worlds | Economy | and much much more!

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6. Elementcraft view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival, SMP Servers

    What is Elementcraft?
    Elementcraft is a brand new SMP server that is improving everyday. Our dedicated staff and awesome developers keep things going at a fast and fun rate. We have a awesome market and some super cool towns for you to join once you get in game! We have multiple warps for you to explore and build in so you will never run out of space! Hey,, maybe you will even start your own town.

    Does Elementcraft have lag?
    Elementcraft will never and has never had lag. We run off only the best we can get and always have a steady non-laggy server.

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7. Hardcore’s Server view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    Come join us we are 24/7 currently running 1.2.5! Server Owner: R_O_C_K_Y Server Admins: fluffmcgruff, xXDavidHawkXx and more and we have Mods too! Awesome rank system type: /ranks in game to see details Awesome self protection system type: /prothow in game for more information! We have many plugins like Essentials LogBlock FalseBook Lockette and many more!

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8. Dynamine view Minecraft Survival Servers details Semi Vanilla Servers

    Dynamine is a 24/7 Autralian hosted bukkit faction survival server with PvP and PvE enabled. We also support iConomy and chestshop.

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9. PixelFuzion view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    Searching for the ‘BEST’ Minecraft Server? Search no more! PixelFuzion has it all… Economy, PVP Arena, MCMmo, Survival, Shops, Casino, MobArena, ANTI GRIEF and WAY more! Friendly staff, no lag, and a 24/7 up time makes all the difference! Not convinced yet? Give it a try, it’s 100% free! You’ll be welcomed:)

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10. Legendary Empire view Minecraft Survival Servers details PVP, Towny, Raiding, 24/7 Survival Servers

    1. No griefing
    2. Don’t swear at anyone. Swearing in general is ok.
    3. Don’t moan when you are killed by someone.
    4. No hacking of any kind.

    5. No building within 100 blocks of any city.

    6. English only.

    7. No spamming or caps.

    8. No spawn killing.

    Guest – Automatic when you join.
    Member – Apply within the topic.
    Elite Member – Apply on our website once you have been a member for 2 weeks.

    Helper – Helps new players that join the server. Picked by me.

    Developer – Creates custom plugins for the server
    Jr Mod – Apply on our website, this is a 2 week trial to see if you will make a good Mod.
    Mod – If the 2 weeks went well then you will be promoted to Mod.

    Sr Mod – If I fill that you proved yourself to the server as a Mod, I will give you this rank.

    Head Mod – In charge of all the Mods, making sure they do their job. Only 1 person can be this rank.

    Jr Admin – If i fill you made a good Mod and think you can take the pressure of the server as a Admin, i will offer you this rank.
    Admin – If I fill and you fill you where ok with being a Jr Admin, then I will give the rank.

    Head Admin – In charge of all the Admins, making sure they do their job. Only 1 person can be this rank. They also help me with any problems i have.

    Owner- Only i can be the owner.

    Donor ranks:

    Donor – Donating £5

    Supporter – Donating £10

    Premium – Donating £20

    Elite – Donating £30

    Duke – Donating £40

    King – Donating £50

    Any rank you wish (Within reason) – Donating £100+

    All ranks come with rewards, please visit our website to view them.




    Bounty Hunter (Custom plugin)

































    Application Form

    We are currently looking for 1 mod which can help us with new players. If you are selected then you will be made a Jr Mod for a 2 week trail period.

    To apply to become a Mod you must know the commands for Towny and Mcmmo.

    Mod Application
    In game name:
    Location & time zone:
    Age(Must be above 14):
    Do you know the commands for Towny and Mcmmo?:
    Why should you be chosen to be a Mod (Should be at least a paragraph long) :
    How long have you been on the server (Minimal 2 weeks):
    Have you voted for us (If not then click Here<.):
    How often will you be on:
    Anything else you would like to add?:

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11. Minecraft EpiCraft Australia view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Server

    Ready to Become Epic?

    EpiCraft is the world’s largest Oceanic MineCraft community and home to 10,000+ members from all over the world.

    Welcome to the most unique Minecraft experience you will have – 24/7 Dedicated 1.2.4 fully integrated server. EpiCraft has taken the world by storm with 10,000+ community members. Stop getting ripped off and come play Minecraft the way it is meant to be played.

    Wanna know why? Come and join us.

    Watch our #1 Epic Trailer here:

    NEW 1.3.2 World with Survival – PvP – NoNPvP – Conquest – Creative – RPG-MCMMO- False book – Hats – Challenge – Event and more!

    Staff are mature and selected carefully. We use all standard plugins to ensure your land is protected / ungriefable and have a progressive, unique rank structure.

    EpiCraft – This is the server you have been waiting for. We welcome people from all countries, ethnicities and life-backgrounds. The server is managed from Australia by mature (20+) staff who genuinely care about your experience.

    Special Features – Weekend RPG and FUN events including ingame prizes and more! World of Warcraft NPC 24/7 RPG world! Lag Free Nether! GOLIATH sized market with new 1.2.5 items! Customized plugins thanks to our amazing technician Kearark! 24/7 staff to help! Progressive Rank Structure and much, much more!

    Come and Become EPIC now.

    With Gratitide,

    Founder – EpiCraft Australia & the World

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12. Swisscraft view Minecraft Survival Servers details Economic PVP, No Whitelist Servers

    Swisscraft doesn’t has so many rules, please respect the one we have.
    Disrespecting the rules will result in a jail timeout or a permanent ban.

    1. No Griefing. Don’t destroy/modify buildings you don’t own in any way.
    No breaking in or using a bug to enter a building.
    Meaning never nerdpole into someones town, or break blocks, slap redstone torches on a wall to open a locked door.
    This includes "pseudo" griefing, fixing a hole you made into a building for example.

    2. No duping, hacking or exploiting in any way!
    This includes client modifications like x-ray, speedhack and fly.

    3. PvP (Player versus Player) is allowed. If you don’t want to fight against other players stay in non-pvp zones.
    a.) No Spawncamping.

    This means no repetive killing of a player that spawns near you (And has no stuff anyway).
    This includes , but not limited to: Camping the spawnarea, camping someones town or camping someones home/base.
    b) No newbie killing: Meaning don’t kill players that have just joined.
    Guests for example. I’d like to keep people on the server and not have them leave the moment they get clobbered outside spawn.
    Fight hard but fight fair. Give newbies a chance to gear up.
    c) No zone abusing. Meaning don’t stand inside a no PvP zone and shoot arrows at someone outside.
    Also extensive camping on a zone border is frowned upon, but we let it slip cause your "enemies" could just walk deeper into the PvP zone and draw you out. Still we don’t like if you do it and "Might" toss you into jail for a bit if we feel like it.

    4.Chest looting is allowed if LWC (Chest Protection) works. If LWC is down for any reason looting chests is strictly forbidden.

    5. Do not act like a dick. Act mature and be polite. Raging on other players will get you in trouble.

    6. Don’t build near spawn. We will delete buildings near spawn without further notice.

    7. Do not kill an owned wolf unless you are in combat with the owner of it. However you can kill free wolves as you want.

    8. Don’t use /ptp to kill players. Don’t use the party teleport of McMMo to kill other players. Every teleport kill in anyway is forbidden.

    9. Keep the landscape clean! Replant trees, plant grass, cut trees completley down. Nobody wants flying trees.

    10. Common sense. Feel like you are doing something wrong? Don’t do it!

    Moderators and Administrators on Swisscraft may act different in given situations.
    However, they are humans too. Not every Swisscraft Staff will act the same.

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13. Uber Minecraft Private Server view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival Servers

    Features of Uber Minecraft Private dedicated Server 1.1:
    PvP, 1.1 Supported with 2000 Slots, Region Protection, PvE, Grief Module, Epic World, Chest Protection, Chest Shop, Dedicated minecraft Server, Custom Plugins, 24/7 support, Updation always, Daily Backups available, Prizes and more

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14. HellBound Soldiers view Minecraft Survival Servers details Creative, Survival servers

    Great Creative (with creative build)/Survival/Hunger games (in testing), with Jobs, Towny, and MCMMO. Go pretty far to make your base so you wont get raided. Leave the walls to build, and destroy. Create your own town by type /town new [town name you want]. please come and have a great time on our Creative/Survival/Hunger Games server. do /sethome to set your home so you dont have to walk to your home everytime you need to go home, do /home to get there. And please make your base far from spawn so it doesn’t get raided, because raiding is allowed.

    Creative SMP PvP Hunger Games

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15. FusionBlox view Minecraft Survival Servers details Survival, Creative Servers

    No lag, no hackers, no griefers and no bullsh*t!

    Here at FusionBlox we welcome and provide for all varieties of minecraft players. With a committed and friendly staff we can send you off on the minecraft journey personalized for you to enjoy.

    Our server is all about the thrill of survival minecraft; we cherish your experience of cutting that first tree or leading those packs of wolves into battle with your enemies. That’s why we incorporate plugins that create ease in pesky tasks such as traveling and managing a guild so that you can spend your precious time enjoying the game rather than crunching numbers and sailing those endless oceans.

    But that’s not all, if you don’t enjoy the fast-paced nature of Survival minecraft and you just want to chill out and build nice structures with your friends, we have a Creative Minecraft world that is directly linked to the Survival Minecraft world! Does Flying, infinite blocks, endless amount of space, pixel art, structures and statues sound savory to you? If you said yes, yes, yes, than Creative is perfect for you.

    This means that the Fusion of the two game modes allows you to have the best of both worlds without having to swap from one server to the other. So for example you could quickly whip out a plan for your fort in the creative world and then take a meager few seconds to swap over to the survival world to start construction of your building without having to waste your precious time and resources.

    Our true blue Australian server is hosted right here, down under! This ensures a guaranteed no lag server for us blokes and sheilahs.

    So whatever you fancy we have it here at FusionBlox, the number one Australian Minecraft Multi World Community.

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16. ImDeity Kingdoms view Minecraft Survival Servers details Multiworld Survival & PvP Server

    ImDeity: Kingdoms is a MultiWorld server with:

    * Town / Economy / Survival world

    * PvP / Factions world

    * Creative / Freebuild world!

    You can switch between the 3 at any time!

    ImDeity: Kingdoms is one of the largest town and economy servers in all of Minecraft.

    Featuring an all new exclusive Class and Rank system with Nobility, Merchants, Craftsman classes with multiple ranks, 100+ citizen towns, nations, a thriving economy system with dynamic pricing, and custom made questing system, you will never run out of things to do and explore!

    Join the Kingdoms today! ImDeity: Kingdoms

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