Survival Games server list - New updated 1.7.9

August 23, 2014

Survival Games server list

here is a short list of Survival Games servers, also check our hunger games servers list if you require more! 1.4.7

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. SURVIVAL GAMES SERVER PLUS MORE Survival Games server list Survival Games

    Guys me and my friend created a server that has Survival Games , Skyblock , Spleef , and PVP Arena. This server though will only be opened on the weekends and Occasionally on the weekdays so coem on down

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    Survival Games, tributes
view Survival Games server list details Survival Games
No Whitelist! 24/7

    Welcome to the Minecraft Survival Games, tributes!

    We are the first Official 24/7 dedicated, 1.4.6 fully automated, “Hunger Games” style Minecraft servers attracting over 100,000+ players. Sign up on our forums today so you can qualify for future tournaments and special events! We provide Minecraft Survival Game servers in both the United States and Europe offering around 1200 slots of pure awesomeness. If you are looking for rules, click here. Be sure to check out our live leaderboards statistics page as can show off your skill to the world!

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3. Cooked Porkchop server view Survival Games server list details Survival Games AND Tekkit Server

    Come and join in the fun 1.4.6 at the Cooked Porkchop server!
    AMAZING REBORN server with bukkit & tekkit under one roof.

    The Cooked Porkchop is a bukkit server with a wide variety of plugins, but we do have tekkit to make the experience more epic! NOW WITH SURVIVAL GAMES ADDED ON!

    You’ll start off as Fresh Meat then after 8 hours of gameplay you’ll be automatically promoted to Porkchopper (Trusted Player!)

    Tekkit access (Premium) is available after 48 hours of gameplay

    If you’d rather have tekkit access straight away we do allow donations to promote you quicker.
    Tekkit access after 48 hours is to decrease griefing and enhance your gameplay!

    We have a wide variety of plugins such as towny, jobs, mcmmo, craftybay and LOTS MORE!
    Hope to see you on the server!!

    You will require the technic launcher and Java 7



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4. CRACKED Survival Games view Survival Games server list details CRACKED Survival Games Servers

    Welcome to Bencraft plays The Minecraft Survival Games (Hunger Games).
    This time i actually suck very much! So dont blame me for sucking.
    Sometimes thats life….

    CRACKED HUNGER GAMES SERVERS: (click join below)

    My server is also online 24/7 now! And it is cracked! We also have The Survival Games:
    IP: BUGGED IP (will come new one!)

    Thank you for reading this. You are now a Bencrafter, welcome to the club! xD

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