Roleplay Server List - New updated 1.7.9

August 21, 2014

Roleplay Server List

Do like Roleplay Minecraft Servers? Then Check out our 1.4.7 list of Roleplay server list and find the type of gameplay you like.

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Mine Justice view details Roleplay/Towny

    This server is new started server but its very good, its both swedish and english, and u can buy plots in each town, there is 1 town now at the moment but we r building one more. its 24/7 so u can play whenever you want

    Denna server är en nystartad server men den är väldigt bra, den är både engelsk och svensk, du kan köpa tomter i varje stad, just nu är det 1 stad men vi håller på att bygga en till. den är uppe hela tiden (24/7) så du kan spela exakt när du vill


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2. The Lord Of The Craft view details Roleplay Servers

    “The Lord of the Craft” is a Pure Minecraft RP (Roleplaying) server, easily clocking 150/200 players at peak times!

    (This is our second map, the ancient lore is found on our wepage.)

    With Aegis destroyed by the Undead. Its settlers migrated to the Realm, of Auslon.
    With the Monks of the cloud temple by their side, they were able to flourish in this bright new realm. The Monk Sanctuary lay in the center of Asulon, sheathed in song & beauty. The monks themselves then cast enchantments on the land as to protect it and factions then banded in groups. Villages, towns, cities and nations all stand vigil.

    The server is white-listed, requiring you to post an application which would show your understanding of Roleplay, the server/its rules and your character. The application process is designed to be both exciting and insightful, giving you the opportunity to develop the role of a character. Within, Lord Of The Craft.

    Asulon is a large world in which its residents have banded together, submitting charters for permission to create settlements. Each race; Human, Elf, Orc and Dwarf. Have their own main racial capital.This does not mean that they are the only places you may live! Players run and manage their own village,towns,cities and nation. Each with their own unique charm and lore.

    What goes on in this realm defines the histories in which we write. Create the character you’ve always wanted and act out the story you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember to keep OOC (out-of-character) and IC (In-character) issues seperate! Players are always documenting and presenting their events, discoveries and battles. Our forum boasts well over a quarter of a million posts! Many unique and awe-inspiring additions have been made by you! the players.

    Along side our active & experienced GM team we have many community-teams that really create a sense of fellowship and goal driven developments.

    What are you waiting for? There’s much to discover! :] !

    A few of our Plugins:

    Anti Enderman 1.1, TempestEnderCrystal 0.6, ExaminePlugin 1.0.0, Buycraft 4.5, MorePhysics 1.9.1, RecipeManager 1.22, Vault 1.2.13-b148, RealPlugin 1.14, Multiverse-Core 2.4-b527, BedHeal 0.1, EnderpearlDisable 1.1, RealShop2 2.35, aNameManager 0.1, uVanish 1.0.0, RetractableBridge 1.3.14, DisguiseCraft 2.5, ProperTime 2.2, Comfort 1.0, TransportSystem 0.1, OpenInv 1.8.3, MiningControl 0.1, Votifier 1.6, Citizens 1.2, Minequery 1.5, WorldEdit 1108-fcd7921, QSkills 1.0.0, NoDeathMessage 1.0.0, Notebook 2.0.1, BuddySystem 1.0.1, PermissionsEx 1.19.1, CookieMonster, WorldGuard ${project.version}, MorePlayerModels 1.0, MessageChangerLite 2.7, WhoKilledMe 0.1, iConomy 6.0.9b, ReportRTS 0.4.1, BookWorm 1.12, MuddersMilk 1.5, EndlessEnchant 1.0, WeatherRestrictions 2.6.2, BKCommonLib 1.2, LoreTime 1.0.0, MonsterBuff 0.1, Kingdoms 1.0.0, SimpleReserve 0.4.4, FalseBookCore 0.93.1alpha, Herochat 5.5.0, WSmanager 0.1, Asulon 0.1, Essentials 2.9.2, Multiverse-Portals 2.4-b546, Multiverse-SignPortals 2.4-b519, MagicSpells 2.8, Permissions 2.7.7, NoLagg 1.84, FalseBookIC 0.93.1alpha, FalseBookExtra 0.93.1alpha, FalseBookCart 0.93.1alpha, FalseBookBlock 0.93.1alpha, EssentialsSpawn 2.9.2, LogBlock 1.52, LWC 4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL) (May 20, 2012), WorldBorder 1.5.3, dynmap 0.35-991, NoPortals 0.5.2

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3. Intoxicated drug server view details Roleplay Servers


    Intoxicated is a hardcore drug server. PvP and Griefing is allowed. We have a main city called Starz City. The city contains a mall, apartments, a bank, a club, a hospital, police station, a realestate office, and many plots and shops. The border of the city expands 150 blocks beyond the physical border. There are many areas in Starz City so we recommend taking a look around before venturing into the wild.


    A drug server is an SMP survival server with a twist, the main method of gaining money and progressing is through the buying and selling of drugs. You venture off into the wild and create a base and a farm, then take the drugs back into the city to sell to server shops. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, other players will try and raid and kill you to take your drugs and the Law Enforcement on the server will confiscate and punish you if they catch you with any drugs. As you advance through the ranks you will gain the ability to sell the drugs for better and better prices and unlock the benefits of getting to use better items.


    • /money checks your balance
    • /spawn brings you back to spawn
    • /sethome sets your /home point
    • /home warps you home
    • /home bed teleports you to your bed*
    • /tpa <name> requests a teleport to a specific player
    • /rankup promotes you to the next rank

      *To set your home bed, sleep it in. It does not have to be night for it to set your home.

    You start off as a [Fugitive] who recently escaped prison, you want to get money so you can start ranking up. Start off by exploring the city a bit, familiarizing yourself with the area. If you want to get started on making money right away, run out of the city limits.

    Its time to punch trees! get a farm started, grow or hunt down drugs. Just watch out for the Cops man.


    • Cactus Green – Marijuana
    • Pink Dye – Ecstasy
    • Sugar – Cocaine
    • Red & Brown Mushroom – Shrooms
    • Gunpowder – Heroin
    • Seeds – Pills

    Once you have chosen a suitable location for a farm, this may be a good time to save your home point so you can come right back to your farm after your done selling your drugs in the city. Use "/sethome" to do this.

    Once you’ve grown drugs and your ready to sell them head back into the city. /spawn may get you there fastest. The first location to sell drugs in is located in the sewers, on the streets outside of the mall you will find portholes on the sidewalks for entry.

    When you have enough money its time to purchase the next rank. Use "/rankup" to achieve a new title!

    From here on out, its up to you! Each rank you achieve will unlock more fun stuff to do and better ways to do it.

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4. Quantum view details Roleplay Servers

    The Minecraft Quantum Server. We our new server offers our players a great survival multiplayer gameplay and a nice community with new players joining daily. We have implemented a forum that will allow you to share your thoughts and ideas about our server. You will also find information like rules and commands.

    If you ever have any trouble on our server, from now on you don’t have to wait until an admin is online. Now you can just post it here and get a reaction a lot faster from players or admins.

    Good balanced classes with epic dungeons!
    - Dungeons with rewards.
    - 6 classes(more will come in future)
    - Epic PvP battles with war plugin.
    - Earn money/diamonds with Dungeons, PvP or Mining.
    - Friendly staff.

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5. Age Of Citycraft Minecraft Roleplay Server view details Roleplay Servers

    Age of Citycraft is a full RP server with a dynamic economy and expandable world. players begin their adventure at Life point, in close proximity to Rull City and the Traning pyramid. Here users will be able to learn about the different rules and how to use different commands. The close by starter town of rull has many amenities that will ease the beginning of each players journey. the town of Rull contains various item and weapon shops as well as an inn for your first stays.

    After this, it is for the player to decide what they wish to do. players can kill monsters for money or gather resources to sell to the stores. players can also build their own settlements and homes anywhere outside of Rull City, or even join a town so that their land can be protected!.

    players in towns can even raid other towns for money and items!

    Server Rules

    No Griefing
    No Spamming
    No Racism
    No PVP spawn camping
    No PVP logging or TP
    No Exploiting plugins
    No Floating buildings
    No eternal redstone circuits
    No mob grinders/farms
    Stealing from chests is allowed
    No asking for rollback reimbursement

    PVP/RP server! join a town, rule the world! [AOC] Age Of Citycraft Minecraft Roleplay Server [ HEROES || RP || TOWNS || PVP || DEDICATED || RAIDING ||DUNGEONS || 80 SLOTS ]


    -No Griefing-No Harassing-No Spawn Camping-If chest is unlocked then it can be stolen-No complaining about PvP-No logging out during PvP-No TP during PvP-NO racism! can result in a perma ban-Cut a Tree plant a Tree-No spamming/Caps-No annyoing admins/mods-Floating buildings need support-No docking in rull-No boosting-No spawnkilling-Do not exploit plugins!, if you find an exploit report it immediately.+ once again DO NOT grief, stealing from unlocked chests is allowed though+ buildings are subject to deletion if left deserted, or build without town protections+ no spamming -No eternal redstone circuits, must have a killswitch and be set to off when not in use

    Ban Punishments

    Breaking rules results in a 24 hour ban
    Continued rule breaking will result in longer bans
    Excessive breaking of rules will result in a permanent ban
    Appeal your ban here


    feel free to help, as it does cost money to run a serverplease send donations through paypal use the address [email protected] as recipientuse the send category "personal" and as a "gift"

    Age of citycraft Donation page^ follow this link for posted donation rewards! more to be added
    Disclaimer: donations are meant to support the life of the server and are done as a gesture to help us. we in turn reward players with perks to show thanks for your help! donation rewards are subject to change without notice. donations are non refundable.Donations do not make you immune to being banned.

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6. Roleplay Craft view details Roleplay RPG Servers

    Roleplay Craft – RPG – Towns – PVP – Races – 1.3

    RPG themed server. We are currently using a medieval build theme.

    A fun survival server with a roleplay theme but not a strict roleplay server.

    We have player ranks and an RPG style race system.

    We use mcMMO that gives you skills and abilities which you can rank up by playing.

    PVP is disabled in build areas and only available in pvp arenas, so you won’t suffer from free-killing.

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7. MCDRUGS view details Roleplay Servers


    What Is MCDrugs?
    McDrugs is a roleplay server where you survive as a drug grower and seller, you grow your drugs in a base/farm and then go sell them near spawn! We also have a jail for players found with drugs in their inventories and a store where you can buy basic items! We use the rankup plugin so you can rankup while you journey across the land and sell drugs!


    Junky: Default
    Grower: $750
    Producer: $5,000
    Dealer: $25,000
    Mass Producer: $100,000
    Drug Lord: $300,000
    Cartel: $500,000
    Wiz Khalifa: $1,500,000
    RASTA: $10,000,000


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8. Blothera Kingdom view details Roleplay Servers

    Welcome to Blothera Kingdom. Experiance an RP environment, do your class job, earn money, live a free life… untill the night comes. Beware of the Dark Fox Clan as they raid towns at night, and as you travel by roads outside the town walls. Enjoy some of the PvP and PvE events, challenge other players to PvP and participate in political events. The staff is constantly looking into making a more stable gameplay, so you can expect weekly updates. Changes may be seen on the posts in this topic, and the most recent change can be seen on the bottom of this post. The server doesn’t destroy the main principle of Minecraft, meaning the world isn’t protected on 90% of the places. Minecraft is a sandbox game, and this server respects that. Only the spawn is protected and no player is forbidden to build as long as he/she follows certain rules, as the server does look out to feel like a roleplay server. So jump in, choose your class, apply and join the fun of Blothera Kingdom.


    A balanced class system.
    Teamwork oriented PvP system.
    A very RP oriented gameplay style.
    Skills for every class.
    Faction wars.
    All towns working together.
    Cryme and punishment mechanic.

    You might be wandering, how does one make an offical town?
    Firstly, before you go making towns, you must know its a great responsibility.
    To actually make an offical town, you need:

    Town hall
    Walls protecting the city.
    Jail, needs 3 cells
    Church (And a graveyard)
    3+ houses with people living in them.
    5+ open plots.

    Current offical towns: (Max 4)




    Farmers (1):
    Farmers are the only class that can get a food supply of Breads, Cookies, Melons and similar, as well as other useful and needed ingrediants like Cactus and Suggarcanes. They earn money by selling the items to other townsfolks in need. To get any item (melons from melon blocks, sugar canes, cactus, wheet etc.) you need to destroy the block/crop with a hoe. The better the hoe you use the better the item you get in return. e.g. Stone hoe gives you 1-2 Wheet and 50% chance of 1 seed, while iron hoe gives you 2-3 Wheet and 50% chance of 1 seed.

    Miner (2):
    Miners geather ores for townsfolks, supplying them with iron, gold, diamonds, redstone etc. for weapons, armor and other items townsfolks need to protect themselves or simply do their class job. They get better income from ores the better pickaxe they use. Using gold pickaxe on iron ingots or gold ingots automaticly gives you smelted iron/gold ingot, while diamond pickaxe can give you up to 4 smelted.

    Woodcutters (3):
    Woodcutters gain wood from destroying wood blocks, depending on what axe they use, as other classes can aren’t experianced as they are with the axes and only menage to get planks out. For someone in a hurry of a lot of wood, or in need of a lot of charcoal, these guys are always in front lines. They can supply you with any kind of wood before you know it.

    Blacksmith (4):
    Blacksmiths live their lives in the hot rooms of blacksmithship, making weapong out of the ores the miners supply them with and make armor, weapon, iron doors and such. They also have the ability to fix weapons using minimal materials (e.g. 1 iron takes to fix a piece of iron armor).

    Merchants (5):
    No one can be such a good businessmaker like a merchant! These guys have the power and the ability to sell items even when they go offline and leave the kingdom. A good merchant will always find a way to buy cheap and sell expensive. For those who have such ability and love money, this is the class for you!

    Page (6):
    Apprentice. Every big warior starts as one. Weather you want to become a strong swordsman, or shoot arrows as an Archer, you have to go through a certain training, make your self stronger, and become your dream! Only the Crusaders can promote a Page to a swordsman or Archer. Often comes the situation where a Page doesn’t pass the Crusader test, but he can choose to try again another time, or simply turn himself on another profession.

    Hunter (7):
    People who spend there time killing monsters and animals with axes and bows. They know how to kill well, and get there hide, or meat efficiently. But when it comes to PvP combat, they are a little powerful then normal townies.

    Priest (8):
    Priests are Mage’s who live in the churches of towns, and are a side with the townies. However, there’s one down side. They do not get to live in the Mage’s tower, and there knowing of the ancient words of the gods is slim. In turn, they can only cast beginner spells.

    (You can’t apply for the following classes, you earn them)

    These classes can not be chosen when you apply for the server, but classes Swordsman and Archer come from being a Page first. Crusader is chosen by townsfolks, and can be overrun by another Swordsman or Archer if the majority of townsfolks vote him in (70-30%).

    Paladin Swordsman:
    These strong warriors are sworn to protect the townsfolks from beasts of the night. Doesn’t matter if simple mobs that spawn within the town or the Dark Fox clan that runs through the land of the Blothera Kingdom.

    Paladin Archer:
    The fast and agile archers are the backbone of the kingdom, keeping the walls of thier towns safe from fox invasions, mob spawnings and similar. They are a very strong support class for swordsman, and a solid melee fighter class, when played right.

    The rules or the townsfolks. Crusader commands his army of swordsman and archers, but also command townsfolks. Although he has to be careful how well he protects his towns, and how happy the townsfolks are with him, as the very townsfolks can choose take him down from the command and give the rank to another swordsman or archer. The crusader then can choose to become either a swordsman or archer or to take a simple townsfolk class. Crusader has a great power, but with it, a great responsibility.

    Dukes are not guards, nor a fighting class at all, but they still can not be chosen appon applying for the server. They are simply helpers of the Crusader. They are owners of a town, they menage towns by selling it’s plots, choosing the position of houses, placements of the shops and similar. A bad duke can be overrun by townsfolks vote (majority wins 51-49%) or simply by the saying of the Crusader (no voting).

    The Dark Fox Clan:
    The mighty foxes choose their own members. They can invite anyone in the clan. They can hold the kingdom in their hands by blackmailing townsfolks to do favors in their names. All foxes can automaticly sneak, by typing /sneak.

    Tunnelers are all townsfolks classes put into 1. These guys are professionals at every job townsfolks can do, but they have 1 major problem, they refuse to get there hands messy in PvP combat. Actually, they can not PvP at all, but they have a huge job for their teammates on raids. They are the only class that can tunnel below the cities or make ladders for their teammates to jump over the walls into the town.
    Thieves have a special ability of invisibility for 5 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown (click with a clock while crounching). They can also pickpocket people, crouching and right click the target with a feather.
    Thieves are a good class if you like to steal things.

    These Axe-swinging madmen are what makes up stories that old wives tell scare their children with with the exception of course, that they’re a real threat. The only reason they aren’t just running around killing everything on their sight is because of the control of the Dark Fox.

    Dark Archers:
    These assassins come from a distant land, they have chosen to foul their ability to handle the bow like few others, in order to get richer by killing selected targets, and now wish to utilize their skill for the fox clan. They are known for being able to apply blinding poisons to their arrows, however they have very little hand-to-hand capability.

    The Dark Fox:
    The horror in the eyes of the townsfolks. One does not only have good bow skills, but nice tactics, coordination, teamwork organisation and most of all, the eyes, to see the most worth to him, to see the blood in a townsfolks eyes and know a way to control it. A lot of them told stories about him, yet few live to tell the looks of him.

    General Rules:

    No overswearing, spamming, racism, sexism and such.
    No griefing of other people’s property.
    No spawnkilling, both for the spawnpoint, and bedspawnpoint, unless the person attacks, then it’s selfdeffence.
    Listen to higher ranks.
    Iron doors can be placed, but player is not aloud to break 2 blocks beside them and walk away with their house still locked, the door must be opened when exited!
    Every house, farm, or any kind of property must be reachable without destroying blocks (doors don’t count of course).
    Every chest must be reachable without destroying blocks.
    No 1×1 towers.
    No floating trees!
    Buildings must look realistic and have to fit the RP enviroment (no TV’s and such).
    The Dark Fox sanctuary can not be entered by anyone except the Dark Fox clan! This resaults in immadiate ban!
    Do not mess up the map! Make the world enjoyable for new players just as others did for you!

    Townsfolk Rules:

    No killing other townies.
    No stealing from other townies.
    No helping the Dark Fox clan.
    No destroying other players property!
    No escaping from jail.
    Every rule above, except the one for destroying people’s property, can be broken, but you will get jailtime, and if you escape from jail, you become a bandit.

    The Dark Fox Rules:

    Dark Fox clan can only raid towns once every 3 nights.
    Dark Fox clan can only raid durring nights and have to leave by sunrise.
    Only tunnelers can tunnel below the city and put ladders for Foxes to climb over.
    You can betray the Dark Fox clan, returning to your town as a hero.
    To rejoin townsfolks as a Fox you need to go through punishment the townsfolks give you.
    The Dark Fox can blackmail townsfolks into doing favors for them.
    If a Dark Fox clan member dies inside the city walls, he can not return to the city that night any more!
    Dark Fox members can vote for their leader out. The majority wins 70-30%.
    Tunnelers can mine into houses basements and jail (but not grief them majorly!).
    Dark Fox members mustn’t grief within the city walls, only that tunnelers can tunnel/make security holes.
    Tunnelers can kill a person if he enters the sanctuary, and must report the person to an admin as soon as possible.

    Bandit Rules:

    Bandits are made by the saying of Dukes and the Crusader only.
    Bandits are a neutral class, nor Dark Fox side, nor townsfolks side.
    Bandits can be turned back as a townsfolk if the Crusader chooses so, often with a punishment like jailtime or similar.
    Bandits can team up with other bandits, making their own camp.
    They can not enter cities at all! Only if the Crusader of the towns Duke allows them to come in, they can.
    They can kill anyone outside the city walls.

    To apply for the server take todays date. Take the day, then subtract the month and finally add the number of the class (number of the class can be found beside them in the Class: section) i.e. today (June 14th) the code for the Farmer would be 9.

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9. PsychoticBlocks view details Roleplay PVP Survival Skyblock Servers

    Welcome to PsychoticBlocks This Server supports Heroes! To get that RP feel with a dash of other game types included! If you like Minecraft You will like our server!

    FACTIONS ADDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o.0 o.0 o.0
    1.No Hacks of any sort, Yes this means no flying.
    2.No repetitive killing, or spawn killing
    3.Keep swearing to a minimum
    4.Do not ask for Staff positions, I will consider it if you donate.
    5.No 1×1 Towers.
    6. Any further questions, add me on SKYPE: attackerman101

    your money back!) <——- that was a joke its free to join. Coming soon:[Our server

    here at PsychoticBlocks we feature PVP to the max Along with many other game types.
    Smp world is full of rough terrain and
    mountains/hills you name it, for your survival

    needs.] As soon as you spawn read the signs!


    We have friendly staff dedicated to helping you and any queries you have.

    Do you Like RolePlay? Do you Like PvP? How About Survival? Or maybe SkyBlock? PsychoticBlocksHas all of those and you can choose whichever world suits your needs/wants best. Start your adventure to PsychoticBlocks Now!

    Uptime 24/7 Lag-Free!

    - Factions
    - Heroes

    - SkyBlock

    - Dungeons

    - Arenas

    - Multi-Worlds(MultiVerse)

    - Iconomy

    - BuyCraft (/buy in game to view donation packages.) Gives you a site, click the site URL and select yes in the minecraft menu to take you to the Support site which uses PayPal.

    - +PLUS Lots of plugins!

    Heroes + RPG World (NOW UP AND RUNNING)

    Heroes v1.4.6 – Classes, Skills, Experience, DamageSystem and an RPG world with 4 classes/cities and 1 neutral city. like a MMORPG!

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10. Land Of Deities view details Pure Roleplay Server

    The Land of Deities is a pure roleplay server. After being accepted and whitelisted, players will live the life of their character. They can choose one of the three unique races: Nords, Kurak, or Kikabila. Characters awaken beneath the worshipper’s temple in the Realm of Meledine. The worshippers teach the player what they need to know. After the player understands the tutorial, he/she will be taken to the worshipper’s temple. This is where the character will start their adventure. Will you become the local blacksmith? Or maybe a guard for your nation? Remember your race and how your character acts during your roleplay. It would also be wise to choose which god you wish to worship, if any. Some nations may or may not feel that their citizens should worship the same god. It is up to your character to decide, based on how he/she thinks. Different gods can give different benefits, but usually the benefits only come through offerings. If you’re feeling adventurous, take some friends and search for ruins. You may find treasure… or trouble. Choose your destiny in the Realm of Meledine!

    ~Special and Unique Lore~Hardcore Roleplay~Unique Races~Nations~Cities~Towns~NPCs~Shops~Ruins~Gods~Players choose the destiny of Meledine~Plugins~Dedicated Server~


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11. Land of Remithia view details Pure Roleplay

    Server description:
    We have decided to transform this server into a roleplaying server with it’s own hand-crafted world. You must currently be whitelisted to play on it, and you can visit our website for news on development:. We expect it to be opened around early July, but that’s based on how many helpers we get. By the time it is opened, of course, it will still be in open beta.

    About our community:

    The Pill Squad is a group on the Steam community of casual gamers from the US and Sweden. We play a plethora of games such as Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft. We encourage our players on the server to bring their friends and have fun.


    mcMMO ● A plugin that adds a much higher gameplay value to the game, giving a RPG flavor to Minecraft and giving bonuses to skills like Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, and Repairing.

    iConomy ● This is our server’s economy plugin which basically sets up an economy on the server.

    Spout ● This is a great plugin that we have. It is server-side and optimizes many things on our server as well as adding new functionalities that are exclusive to the Spoutcraft client found here: You may find that this will enhance your gameplay experience on our server.

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12. Lord of the Rings view details Roleplay Servers

    This is a huge project that is later going to become a server. It is ALL based on the Lord of the Rings Online map so if you have played that then you will be very familiar with your whereabouts. We are only now about 5% complete and finished the town of Archet and upto Combe but thats almost finished so really we are upto doing Bree and all this is being completed as you read this. This is only a project for now but it is being held on a small server for 20 people and this server is now a 24/7 Roleplay server but for now only for builders and chosen guests but once 80% complete we will put out an application form to join the server and play. Though the server will never always be 100% complete as things are always being updated with events and more content for you guys to play with so thats how dedicated we are to this.

    Fun Fact: The Map has been built on a flat map world so everything we do we do it ourselfves including the mountains and all the scenic, terrain that you see.

    The server will include Quests to keep you busy and this is a major part of the project. Players will be able to adventure off into Middle-Earth and find other players to meet or kill in PVP areas, follow a set Story-line and so much more! We are now a 24/7 server with more than 20+ slots at the moment but your donations towards will be able to make more slots available. Adventure off to Isenguard, Bree, The Shire and so much more! Right now we are on to making Bree and have just fully completed Archet and Combe and once finished Bree, be moving onto The Shire.


    Updates: Please Check often for new + Update Logs

    . Chetwood is now 60% Complete

    . Straddle is now 100% complete!

    . We are now a 24/7 server! But must be whitelisted to join.
    . About to start The Town of Bree.

    . Turning spawn into a tutorial area for the role play.

    . Also welcome and congratulations to the new builders.

    The Team

    . Sytha619 – Project Director

    . Bradkiller62 – Director/ Builder

    . Yoavsnake – Skinner

    . Dongruah – Skinner

    . PistazioBueno – Mod Maker

    . GIFamoss – Multimedia Designer / Builder

    . GavLan – Builder / Moderator

    . Wrxth – Builder/ Terraformer

    . WolflerLegend – Builder

    . Swifty_Digger – Builder

    . MrTHORNE-Builder

    . SteveBloc – Builder

    . Flowing_Ostrich – Builder

    . Nazgul_8 – Builder

    . Oisinmcg – Builder

    . AIchestbreach – Builder

    . Miket121 – Builder

    Now Hiring

    We are now hiring people to help us our with our progress and this will be a huge contribute toward our success. Below will be a list of things that you can apply for:

    Multimedia Designer – Must be able to design banners, layouts, edit videos, make trailers with effects including 3D intros with texts, create an official website for us and much more. If you think you are able to do this please leave a comment below with your contact details and a sample of your work and we will be sure to get straight back to you.

    To be the Multimedia Designer please fill out this application below and copy/paste it to an email and email it to [email protected]


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13. Convicted view details Light Roleplay Servers

    Minecraft’s Prison-Themed, Light Roleplay Server!

    Welcome to Bains Penitentiary.

    PVP, Light Roleplay, ranks, factions, and much more! Rank up by Mining Blocks, killing monsters, stealing from players, attacking guards…Then selling items for BP. (Currency)

    With BP you can buy;
    -Higher Ranks
    -Protected Plots
    -Item Shops (Sell your items)
    -Contraband… Revolt against the machine!

    (Prison Ranks)

    Solitary Confinement

    Default rank.
    Basic ways to earn BP.
    Most crime occurs here- Highly guarded

    B-BLOCK (15,000)
    Many perks and advantages over Block C.
    -Rentable, buildable Cells
    -2 new ways to earn BP
    -Many new areas

    A-BLOCK (35,000)
    Many new work areas, more block & food options in stores, and some hidden perks.
    -Mob Arena
    -More items/food
    -3+ new ways to earn BP
    -Hidden areas
    -More items available
    -Very few guards on watch

    ELITE-BLOCK (65,000)
    The highest rank of prisoners…
    -Best perks/advantages
    -Lowest prices available
    -Protected, buildable Cells
    -5+ new ways to earn BP
    -Protected from PVP

    FREE (100,000)
    Allowed to enter and exit the prison.
    Uncover the secrets of the outside world… This is not the end. ;)

    Patrols the prison and makes sure the rules are being enforced.
    Breaks fights, kills offenders, and confiscates contraband items.

    Ability to mute, kick, ban, and warp. Attained through trust.

    Maintains the server.

    Pay the set amount and ascend to the next rank using /rankup.

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14. MassiveCraft view details No whitelistMedieval Fantasy Roleplaying Servers

    MassiveCraft is a Medieval Fantasy Roleplaying Server. We are the Creators of the Plugins Factions, Vampires and CreativeGates.
    We have no whitelist and you are most welcome! Join us right away and bring your friends too. Together we will have great fun!
    Join us for the Ultimate Massive Multiplayer Minecraft Experience!

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15. Frozen Heroes view details Roleplay Servers

    We are a small community growing bigger and bigger each day! We have many plugins with awesome staff members and would like all of you to join our server today! Join our website for the latest news and also hitch a line on our TeamSpeak server to talk to staff and other players in-game. If you want to learn more about our server please post a comment or join our TeamSpeak, website, or server!


    Mob arena
    PvP arena

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