PVP Server List - New updated 1.7.9

September 1, 2014

PVP Server List

We have some of the best PvP Minecraft Servers on our free full list below, click on the server to view the details.1.4.7.

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. ExiledCraft view details PvP

    This is a faction PvP server. We have many useful plugins, and love taking suggestions.

    Bukkit – Dedicated 24/7

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2. PhasePVP view details PvP, Survival Servers

    PhasePVP™ | Your life phases through your mind, flashes through your mind, as you fight other factions off and run for your life from invasions. Only the strongest will survive. You invade other factions and seize them for there armor and other goods. This is PhasePVP™, welcome to a vast land of terrifying PVP grounds, where only the strongest will survive and the weakest shall lye in forever eternity.

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3. RomanCraft view details Pvp Factions Servers

    RomanCraftPvp! An Awesome HARDCORE Pvp Survival Server! We Has Plugins That Include…( Factions, McMmo, WAR, Essentials, Punishmental, Orebfuscator (Anti-Xray), Votifier, TopPvp, bCombatLog (Anti- PvpLogging), ModDisguise, Lottery And Casino + More!!!) Join Us Today And Have The Best Pvp Expierence Of Your Minecraft Gametime! We Also Accept Donations That Get You Perks In-Game! You Can Buy Your Way To Victory If You Would Like! You May Also Play The Normal Survival Way With Access To The Same Plugins And You Will Have To Fight For Your Life! Join Us Today

    Factions McMmo WAR Essentials

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4. DeltaCraft view details Pvp Server

    What is DeltaCraft?

    Welcome to DeltaCraft! We are a combination of 2 great servers, EndCraft and UnicornCraft. Our aim is to make your experience in DeltaCraft as great as it can be. When we 1st started out, we had 3 owners and our player limit was only about 20-25. But, due to the great community and staff that we had, it has now grown to a 200 player limit with an average of 20-30+ players on.

    What Plugins Does DeltaCraft Use?

    We have a large variety of plugins that allow you as the player to have the best experience possible. Some great plugins include WorldGuard, which are set by our SuperMods and allow your amazing creations to be protected from potential griefers. If you’re not fortunate enough, You can always rely on "redProtect" (aka. Fence Protect), to protect your creation. Click Here For An Example. We have Lockette, which you can set yourselves and allows you to protect all of your chests, furnaces, and doors from thiefs and intruders. Last but not least we have Hawk Eye, our greatest tool ever, which allows us to catch, ban, and rollback any sort of grief a griefer committed.

    What Are The Main Rules of DeltaCraft?

    Our rules are enforced by our amazing staff to ensure that all players of any age and race have the best experience possible in a server as great as ours. We do not allow griefing and your creations can easily be protected using WorldGuard. We also use LogBlock to find out who griefed your home and immediately rollback and punish the griefers. We do not allow x-raying, or any sort of client in DeltaCraft. We strictly prohibit the use of vulgar language, racism, and general disrespect to any of our players. Any player caught breaking any of these rules will be either jailed, or permanently banned on the spot for their crimes.

    So Why Should You Join Our Server?

    Our main mission is to ensure that you have the best experience anyone can have on a server. Our amazing staff are here to ensure that you feel welcome on our server, and make sure you are protected from griefers and any wrongdoers. We want to make sure you enjoy your experience on DeltaCraft is one that all of your friends can enjoy. With our server running 24/7, and with amazing plugins to back us up, you will be guaranteed to enjoy your time here in DeltaCraft. So, please tell all of your friends about our server and tell them to join also.

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5. Frostcast Hunger Games view details Minecraft Pvp Servers

    24/7 Server running an automated Hunger Games Plugin which is open to everyone! We have plugins installed so that an admin doesn’t need to be online for you to be able to play in the games, so you can go on at any time and play our version of ‘The Hunger Games’. The server is running a customised version of the popular Hunger Games map created by Vareide – that is limited to 300 blocks wide to speed up the games a bit. :-)

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6. Lazer Craft view details Hardcore PVP/Factions Server

    Hardcore PVP/Factions Server 1.4.2 *GOOD STAFF* *JOIN NOW!!* *24/7* *GREIFING ALLOWED* *100 SLOTS!!* *NO LAG* *BUKKIT* *GOOD PLUGINS* *FRIENDLY STAFF* *JOIN NOW!!* Bukkit Griefing Raiding PVP. VERY FRIEDNLY STAFF AND OWNERS. Join now! Dont miss out!!

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7. Unholy Maze view details PVP/Factions Servers

    Unholy maze hosts a few plugins that might be strange for some new players to understand but i will try to do my best to explain how the server works.
    -Starting out
    1.You’ll want to start by picking a heroes class by looking inside the heroes building at spawn. (Picture Up above)
    2. You’ll either want to start a faction of your own or ask to see if you can join another new faction, the choice is yours.
    3. Once you have a class, you’ll notice a few ( Supply) signs around the building, feel free to take from any of these as starting materials.
    4.From here on you will want to try to claim some land wherever your comfortable and start leveling. Use the command /f claim to claim the land.
    5. Start doing as you please, leveling and earning skills and such

    Heroes – Factions – 24/7

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8. ICraft view details PVP/Economy Servers

    Mob Arena
    Chest Shop
    PvP Arenas
    Keep your items/XP when you die
    Spawn Eggs
    Residence Protection
    Spam Protection
    Curse Filter
    Aura effects around your player
    Free Market Mall
    The Goals Are:

    ICraft is now opened to public with over 100 Slots ( including reserved ones for donators )
    Co-op with other people with parties, Make Homes or even cities, get ranked to our highest ranks Have fun on out roller coaster and mob arenas not to mention our great CTF Zone!!! Earn diamonds andd play PVP in the arena.
    Try out our spawn cannon or goto our water slides made by our PLAYERS. Check out the latest contest to get a chance to get ranked or even build in spawn.

    Additional Details
    ICraft is a Server were you can earn money through mobs or games to even a ATM, then you can buy anything you want or make your own shop at our brand new IKEA! Protect your homes in the simplest way!

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9. Mortal Chaos view details Hardcore PVP Servers

    Are you fed up with so called “HARDCORE PVP” servers where you can buy every block and item in game? Wanna play where it takes REAL skill to survive?

    [1.4.2] Hardcore PVP / 24/7 Dedicated Server / 99.9% Server Uptime / Ventrilo Voice Server / Great Staff Support / Purchasable Ranks / AntiCheating Plugins / Many More!

    What is Mortal Chaos?
    Mortal Chaos is an up and coming North American Minecraft SMP server which focuses on Hardcore PVP! great free building atmosphere with Regularly planned server events. We pride ourselves on having an MATURE server. No grieving or douche-baggery will be permitted.

    What’s in it for me?
    Mortal Chaos is a dedicated Minecraft server, with 24/7 access and less than 1% down time for server maintenance makes for a virtually lag-free and all-time accessible server! We encourage players from all over the globe to join us as we feel the more cultural diversity there is, the better this server will be! We don’t aim to be the #1 server in Minecraftia, but focus on making sure the Members have a lasting and positive experience!

    Plugins Galore!
    While Vanilla Minecraft is an excellent experience, we want the game to be more than just exploring caves and discovering epic ore veins deep in the earth. We want Mortal Chaos to be a unique environment and have installed many plugins to enhance the game itself. Some of them include Faction, MCMMO, Anti-pvp logger, and many more!

    Basic Server Rules
    1. No CAPS LOCK or harassing chat
    2. No xray or other mods deemed by the staff as pvp cheating
    3. No racism or sexism
    4. No advertising another server
    6. Be sure to use the forums often, vote for the Server daily, and contact Staff if you have any questions/concerns/complaints.
    7. Above all, HAVE A GREAT TIME!
    8. NO hacked cliants
    9. Respect all staff
    10. Do not ask the staff for ranks or to spawn things
    11. No 1×1 noob towers right outside of spawn

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10. Minescape view details PVP/survival Server

    Minescape Is a great PVP/survival server that offers a vanilla like experience, and is dedicated to building a great community for all. Having fun and being creative is the code we live by. A place where dreams are built & memories are forged. A place to kill or be killed. Your new life starts here…


    Lots of traffic, great player base

    PvP & Stealing allowed so make sure you hide your stuff

    Public Mumble chat east2.voice.enjin.com:64629

    Mostly lag free!

    Just reset map & running 1.2.5 the latest version

    Adult And Friendly Admins

    24/7 Powerful SSHD Non-stop Server

    MC Bans

    No whitelist!

    Trading And Economy System

    Water world is a place you can live, PVP is off

    Vote to get diamonds and money!

    Anti cheat measures,

    lots of simple commands like /sethome /home /warp store /warp build1 /warp winter /warp donator and many more Easy to follow rules

    type /rules in-game to see

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11. Pirate’s Cove ☠ view details Minecraft No Whitelist PVP, Survival Servers

    Hello Traveler and welcome to Pirate’s Cove!
    Great adventures await you on this Pirate’s Cove. All you need is your sword and your honor!
    Dungeons, quests, interactive NPCs, wonderful structures, beginner towns, and much, MUCH more!
    Take initiative! Help us to create the perfect Pirate’s Cove!

    Spammers, flooders, griefers, cheaters will be banned immediately, without warning. In other cases we have a jail.
    On Pirate’s Cove people respect and trust each other. All trolls and griefers are filtered non-stop.

    ☠ Become A Member For FREE
    ☠ PvP onoff
    ☠ Nether Worlds
    ☠ SkyLands
    ☠ No Lag
    ☠ Survival
    ☠ No Whitelist
    ☠ Jails. Look At Griefers & Torture Them
    ☠ 24/7 Powerful Server
    ☠ Great Economy System
    ☠ Powerful Anti-griefing System
    ☠ Most Advanced Anti-griefing Security In The World
    ☠ Manage Your Home Protection Without Admins
    ☠ Guests CAN Build
    ☠ Slaves, Settlers, Dockhands, and more!
    ☠ Clean chat without spam, swearing & caps lock. Feel the difference
    ☠ Quests and NPC Traders
    ☠ Create Your Own Town
    ☠ Protected Chests And Doors
    ☠ Adult And Friendly Admins

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12. Havoc view details PvP, RPG, Creative Servers

    Thanks for looking into Havoc, currently one of the largest Minecraft servers around! Havoc is an all-around server and has aspects for just about everybody. The server is divided into 3 worlds; PvP, RPG and Creative.

    On the PvP world – Clans are formed and duke it out for territory across the map. Clans can define allies, enemies, and even declare War on each other. Declaring war on another clan is a way to raid them and steal their stuff – and it involves an epic PvP battle. Hire mercenary clans to help you, bring friends, or win with pure strategy – the War system is truly the most unique custom system in any Minecraft server to date.

    On the RPG world things are a bit more casual; players can complete quests, enter dungeons, fight bosses and more. Monsters on the RPG world are much tougher than on most servers and will whoop your ass – but there are Classes in place to help you with them! Players can choose from a variety of classes such as; Mage, Berserkser, Guardian, Monk, Archer and more – all of which have custom spells and abilities unique to their class. And if fighting monsters isn;t your thing, you can build a town with some friends and turn it into an empire!

    The Creative world gives players full access to infinite items, flying powers, and more. Donating a few bucks to our server gets you access to this VIP exclusive world as a thank you for supporting the work that we do! Don;t worry though; you can;t take items out of this world!

    Havoc is a truly unique Minecraft experience – combining two of the most popular servers (Battlecraft & Odyssey) into one SUPER SERVER has put us one step ahead of the competition. When it comes to custom features that no other server has; we have the most by far.

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13. Minetown view details PvP

    30000+ Members – 24/7 – Dedicated – 1000 Slots – SMP – PVP – Events – Multiple worlds – Market and Economy – Grief free – Huge world – Region protection – Nice community – Custom plugins – Always upgrading – Active website and forum – Mature staff – Powerful hardware – and much more.

    General Rules

    1. Be Considerate of Other Players
      • Ask before entering someone’s area; leave if told to
      • Do not troll, bully, or otherwise harass people
    2. Be Respectful to Staff
      • Use the available methods (petitions, forums, site messages) to request help
      • Do not demand/beg for staff to do things for you
      • Do not ask for Ranking/OP
      • Do not interfere with staff duties
    3. Use Chat Appropriately
      • Use regular case or title case, not all capitals
      • Refrain from explicit language and "1337 sp34k"
      • For general talk, use the global channel.
      • Use /tell for private conversations
      • Use other channels as intended
      • No spamming of any type
    4. Follow Building Guidelines
      • Do not make one-block wide towers or holes
      • Do not build right next to spawn without permission
      • Do not build close to someone else’s construction unless you have their approval
    5. Participate in PvP Appropriately
      • Do not log out during combat
      • Do not spawn kill – waiting outside world spawn and killing people as they exit
      • Do not spawn camp – waiting inside safe zones for targets and only exiting to get kills
      • Loot dropped during a pvp-allowed situation may be taken.
    6. Do not use hacks/cheats or exploit glitches, including (but not limited to)
      • Any method of duplication
      • Using "x-ray" mods/texture packs
      • Flying
      • Speed hacks
      • Exploiting game glitches
      • Using a cheat client
      • Using any scripts which allow for cheating
      • Accepting inappropriately obtained items
    7. Absolutely no advertising of other servers

    Account Rules

    1. It is your job to keep your account secure
    2. Anything done on your account, regardless of who is/was playing, you are responsible for
    3. Refrain from having an explicit user skin

    Donator Rules

    1. Donators are expected to follow rules as well
    2. Donation privileges may be adjusted at any point
    3. Donations are non-refundable

    World-Specific Rules

    • Griefing is anything that is destructive to the work another player has done, whether taking materials or placing them. Creating a player death trap is also considered griefing.
    1. Main Server World
      • Griefing is not allowed
      • Stealing (taking from) chests that are not yours is not allowed
      • PVP is optional
    2. Main Server Nether & End
      • Griefing & Stealing is allowed
      • PVP is enabled
    3. PvP Server Worlds
      • Griefing & Stealing is allowed
      • PVP is enabled
    4. Creative Server Worlds
      • Griefing is not allowed.
      • PVP is disabled
    5. Other Servers/Worlds
      • Observe public announcements for information


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14. Mc-PVP view details NON PVP Servers

    this server has no lag and will be up 24/7. this server will include PVP And CTF. There are 60 slots! so there is a spot for anyone to join and play! make sure to donate to make it so i can cover the cost of my server :) thanks for joining!! we now have mcmmo and an anti pvplogger! all in one server!!

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15. Kohicraft view details Hardcore PVP mcMMO, Servers

    Kohicraft is a completely new factions based server with a heavy focus on dynamic PvP combat and teamwork.
    With the server boasting dedicated, mature administration, a variety unique events, and customised plugins from the off, Kohicraft is guarenteed to impress.
    We have played on a number of servers, so we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t; here you will find an ingenuitive mix of the more successful elements presented with a unique twist.

    The server uses a vast array of both custom and preexisting plugins with modified features to offer you, the player, the best possible experience.

    The server currently operates with a 3000 block radius (+/- 3000) which is subject to increase (dependent on donations). This is plenty of space to find
    that perfect secluded location for your faction to build up and amass resources .

    New users are strongly recommended to get at least 1000 blocks away from
    the spawn before starting their base. All players can access free starter gear from the second they log on using the /kit tools and /kit armour commands.

    Items, bases and any player owned change or item will never be reset, neither the map, the server will be sticking to a lifetime attitude nothing will ever ever ever be reset, until the server crashes and burns.

    Kohicraft ( Hardcore) ( mcMMO) ( PvP) – ( Factions) – ( Events) – ( Survival) – ( Griefing) – ( 24/7) – ( No Lag)

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16. Twistedpvp view details PVP mcMMO, Factions, Servers

    Why Play on Twistedpvp
    Because we have a TeamSpeak were people can make a channel so there Faction can talk
    And we have good admins that are chill
    U can buy spawners and we will change spawner For you
    We have bought the best Hosting we Chould buy to make sure of no lag
    The Shop are nice and well setup
    The spawn is clean
    and we also have cool donation deals
    And a loving community

    Well do just set there join Twistedpvp

    Mcmmo, Factions, SpamGuard, Nocheat, iconomy, Shop’s etc.

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