Pure Vanilla Server List - New updated 1.7.9

September 1, 2014

Pure Vanilla Server List

Here are some of Our Top Free 100% Pure Vanilla Minecraft Servers list can be seen below.Check the servers list table below, to find the right type of Minecraft server that is right for you.1.4.7.

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. MineStache Vanilla Server 1.4.6 view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    MineStache Vanilla Server Is Different Than Most. Vanilla Means Griefing,Stealing And PVP, So Thats Why We Allow All Those Things, But Griefing Has One Requirment And That Is To Build A Base/House This Reduces People Who Come Just To Grief. You Can Build Anywhere And PVP Anywhere (Except Spawn), This Server Only Has The Plugins Essentials, LaggClear, GravitySucks, Anti-Cheat And Backup. These Are Never Used To Give Players Any Benefits! So Come And Check Out MineStache!

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2. Crazy Craft view Pure Vanilla Server List details Minecraft Vanilla Servers

    We are a small community of friends that love to create wonderful and complex structures. This is one of our servers which will be based on Town Control (using Towny and iConomy).

    In wilderness (non town areas) you are allowed to build anything you want. Griefing is allowed in structures placed in wilderness. Make sure to protect your creations by creating a new town (New towns cost very little and you can claim up to 8 blocks of land (16X16) per player citizen of this town)

    PvP is allowed in areas outside of cities. Also roleplaying activities (Experience gain etc) will be added in the future.

    Experienced moderators and Administrators are wanted. Please post a small description of your experience under the forum section

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3. Ten thirty view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    I like to play on mostly small servers with a handful of people or so, and I’ve had a server for quite a while for that exact purpose, but I never bothered opening it to the public. Well today is the day, I’m getting bored of playing by myself all the time, so I’m opening my server to just about anyone who wants to join.

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4. VanillaCraft view Pure Vanilla Server List details Minecraft Vanilla Server

    The Best Vanilla Gameplay* Server You Will Ever Find, I Guarantee It. Cheater free!

    I recently upgraded the server to 16gb Dual XEON procs, which was nice, but not really geared toward Minecraft (singlethreaded). So I got yet another dedicated server, this time where the CPU’s speed is about 2.5x faster, even though it’s less cores/threads. On top of that, I got 32gb RAM with it, and I threw the 13gb map file into RAM (1 minute rsync to disk).

    What does this mean? There are 3 primary ‘slowdowns’ on my server that cause lag. Slow process (fixed), loading chunks(fixed, loading from RAM is near instant), and the anti-cheat(working on it). So with these recent upgrades, the lag is, and I mean this literally, non-existant, in terms of the processing power/tick count of the server.

    *Gameplay – The "playing" aspect of the server is left untouched. The "non-vanilla" parts are to prevent cheaters or allow new players to start playing on this already developed map. Beyond that, it’s completely vanilla gameplay.

    I got tired of trying to find a "vanilla" server that wasn’t laggy, constantly crashing, or infested with cheaters/hackers/xray. All servers that weren’t those, weren’t vanilla gameplay either.

    So after the last server I was on failed (just like the previous ones), I decided to get my own. I researched until I found one of the ‘best rated’ minecraft hosts in the world, and I ordered a 6gb 120 slot server(since then, upgraded to 16gb 2048 slot). With 50+, there was still no lag.

    VanillaCraft was born.

    Yes, I run bukkit with several plugins… Not a single one of which affects the gameplay aspect of hardmode survival minecraft.


    Essentials – Adds tons of commands, ALL gameplay commands disabled except /suicide (used as admin tool/non-gameplay plugin)
    EssentialsChat – Helps with basic chat "stuff" (non-gameplay plugin)
    DeathNotifier – Adds better death messages in place of default ones (non-gameplay plugin)
    ChannelChat – Allows private channels to be created, or people to leave global chat, use /cc (non-gameplay plugin)

    The Spawn – I wanted to make it not impossible for newcomers to start playing(People kept putting walls around spawn made of lava…, or getting spawncamped, etc), so I redesigned the spawn area. When you first connect, or when you die, you are ported to a "spawn room", which I have designed in a way that is essentially a lobby to the server. It has some basic info, and a single way out. Using that "way out" you will be ported to a random spawn location somewhere near the center of the map. This basically allows new users to "start" when they feel like it (i.e., morning time) instead of being forced into repeated deaths from mobs or "meanie" players. This is the only non-vanilla aspect, and once outside of the spawn box, it’s 100% vanilla gameplay.

    There are no moderators or admins other than me. As it stands, spammers get auto-kicked, hackers can’t do much, and xrayers get caught and rolled back after the fact (in bulk). So far, I have been able to handle it just fine (700+ bans, 3200 unique players, 20-25% of players are confirmed cheaters!)

    The server is on ‘hard‘ (2-3 hits to die from an agressive mob)
    Starvation is real
    To set your spawn or "home", sleep in a bed
    There is no /spawn, /sethome, /home, /tpa, etc
    Cheaters (flyhack, speedhack, xray, aimbot, autoattack, speed mine, etc) get banned with prejudice (permanently)
    PVP is allowed
    Griefing is allowed (most people go far from spawn to avoid this)
    Stealing is -see Griefing-
    Raiding is encourage

    You will die of hunger
    You will get destroyed by mobs

    Think you have what it takes to survive?

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5. 100% Pure Vanilla Minecraft Server view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    Hello players,

    Searching for a 100% pure vanilla server? Join here the 100% vanilla server! With 0 plugins except Administrational plugins. This is the best experience! Join it now

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6. VanillaCraft view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    VanillaCraft is a server with a great community and a dedicated Staff Team. We’re a growing community and have been since the start of MineCraft Survival Multiplayer. New players to the server are welcome and if they have any questions, they are usually answered by our dedicated and helpful players or staff. Please join us as our community grows into a bigger and much better community. We’re currently running Bukkit with a few plugins that make our server unique: A Nether completely coded by our own coders, where griefing, stealing, PvP and using TnT is available for more Nether mayhem!!
    A bed plugin that activates when it turns night which makes it day if at least 40% of the people on the server right-click a bed. A plugin than announces to the server when somebody died and how they died. We have a few warps enabled but most of them are only available to Donators of the server. For future projects, we plan to implement the Nether, PvP and an anchievements plugin which will give you Brownie Points (currently the servers "currency" that’s going to be used for more commands in the future). If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the Questions section of our
    forum. We also have a TeamSpeak server which is: IP: game.vanillacraft.net Port: 9987 Password: vanillaspeak And if you’d like to donate, we’ll gladly accept your donation. Any amount of money is gladly appreciated but $10 and up is the minimum to receive Donator status and all the perks. To learn more, visit our forums. Thank you for reading and we at VanillaCraft hope you enjoy your time

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7. Pure Minecraft view Pure Vanilla Server List details 100% Pure Vanilla

    Pure Minecraft

    is a pure vanilla Minecraft server brought to you from the Minecraft 365 headquarters. It is very rare these days to find a great pure vanilla server, so with you guys in mind, we decided to create one.

    * Please note that we use SSH s to stop cheaters. We have no plugins and the actual gameplay is not altered in any way by our s.

    Staff recognition includes:

    • Co-Owner: Fl1pzta
    • Co-Owner: WweAdam (AKA Fluxty)

    Minecraft 365 uses state of the art server technology and always stays up to date to ensure minimum lag and maximum up time. Our main goal is user enjoyment, and we have a good history of accomplishing this goal.

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8. Maxx’s Pure Vanilla PVE view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla
Server list

    A brand new (July 2012) Vanilla PvE server. Starting small with 4 players but will expand if there is interest.

    It’s all about building/mining and slaying monsters. Work together to build a village, city and empire on a friendly and mature server.

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9. Pure Vanilla 1.4.2 view Pure Vanilla Server List details 100%
Pure Vanilla
Server list

    .I have looked for long hours for a pure vanilla server and have yet to find one that is good. so here you go this is full vanilla i will be online lots and will help with problems you might have. THANKS SEE YOU THERE!…….. i hope
    PS i will always be running either the latest mc version. execept when i feel like playing

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10. Ruthless view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla
Server list

    There is only one rules….. Don’t crash the server. You can blow up people, kill people, and jump off cliffs. Grief or steal, this server is vanilla and THERE SHOULD BE NO LIMITS NO VANILLA!

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11. Extreme-Network Vanilla view Pure Vanilla Server List details Full Vanilla

    Hello players,

    Searching for a 100% pure vanilla server? Join here the 100% vanilla server! With 0 plugins except Administrational plugins. This is the best experience! Join it now
    This server is new.


    Extreme-network Staff, Owners and of course me.

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12. Zin’s Vanilla Server view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla
Server list

    This server is all around a good server…. we have a nice community and the gameplay is vanilla we do have a couple plugins but those are just for hackers. It is an allaround Great server with lots of ppl. Come Join TODAY!

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13. Jack’s Empty Rum Bottle view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla
Servers list

    This is a brand new whitelisted vanilla Minecraft server, hosted by RedstoneHost. We are a friendly and mature community and we try to keep it that way. If you have any interest to join our community and have fun with other members, register on our forums and apply. We hope to see you soon! -Gepsutin & TurPPu

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14. Mr. Floris view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    A pure vanilla survival server. Absolutely no plugins at all, unlike those other servers with liar admins.
    Survive, build, and play today! We’re up 24/7 and take care of griefers instantly.

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15. NickCraft Vanilla view Pure Vanilla Server List details Pure Vanilla

    This is a full vanilla server where you can grief and steal, Go about 100-150 blocks out to start building, We are looking to Expand the server size if we get enough trafic to the server,

    Griefing, Stealing Alloud!!!
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