Minecraft hunger games server list - New updated 1.7.9

August 21, 2014

Minecraft hunger games server list

Check out our new hunger games servers section all the best minecraft hunger games servers are listed below.1.4.7

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. LCPVP! view Pure Vanilla Server List details Hunger Games

    We are the official Minecraft Hunger Games style Server that provides awesome Minecraft Survival Style play. This is by far the best Minecraft Hunger Games / PVP experience which adds to the hardcore Minecraft Hunger Games Servers we have. Please join us on the never ending battle for victory! You can work your way up our Hunger Games Server STATS , or PURCHASE awesome PRO classes, PRO killstreaks and PRO Perks!

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2. Minecraft Hunger Games view Pure Vanilla Server List details Hunger Games No Whitelist! 24/7

    Minecraft Hunger Games is a great server that has 3 fully-automated hunger games servers with a total of 86 arenas and a survival/build world where you can play normal minecraft, have fun and spend the money earned from winning Hunger games!

    Here at minecraft hunger games we provide the largest selection of arenas and map diversity. We want to thank the creators of these maps and give them credit. These maps are greatly diverse to suit all players styles of gameplay. From “Epic Lands” vast acres to explore providing the most unique experience. From “Mini Biodomes” Small but extremely action packed tight spaced arena. We guarantee you will find a map that suites your play style.

    The Maps:

    70 players
    2nd largest map

    Epic Lands:
    85 players
    Largest map

    Arctic Peaks:
    60 players
    Medium map

    35 players
    Small map

    Super Hills:
    50 players
    Medium-large map

    Phantom Village:
    55 players
    Large map

    40 players
    Medium-small map

    Spotlights and Last Game Info

    A brand new feature arriving to the server. View the servers top players in the “Spotlight” the players in this spotlight dynamically change based on recent performance of players. View the current MvP currently dominating the server, also those who are closely behind them. Also after each game the statistics of that match of updated live on the homepage displaying the last 5 players who survived and their struggle to get there.

    Custom Lobby/Game Features

    Minecraft Hunger Games has custom features that top any other server. Soon as you join the game you are put into the lobby. From the lobby you may join any one of the 21 arenas that are available. Simply check the chat channel it will say “Arena 3 starting in 1 minute type /sg join 3″ simply type /sg join3 and instantly your placed into action. While in the match you may notice some of the greatest features yet. Chests are randomized, Custom sound effects, See who killed who and with what, Killing sprees, Random events such as illness, parasites, physical damage and deadly diseases. All of these elements provide some of the most dynamic hunger games gameplay. This allows the match to always be full of surprises and unpredictability and balance.

    24/7 – 1200 Player Slots – No Lag

    We Strive to offer the most consistent experiences that minecraft servers have to offer. We guarantee the servers will be online 24/7 day and night. We do not have any maintenance periods or downtime. Servers only restart every 7 hours brining the servers down for only 3 minutes every day. With 1200 player slots and possibly growing hunger games will always be available and full of adventure and personality. We strive to prevent lag on the server, with 1 year of experience running minecraft servers we provide some of the lag free servers you will encounter.


    Go on, have a look and give it a try

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3. HGServer view Pure Vanilla Server List details Cracked hunger games


    This server runs a hunger games plugins on a CRACKED server that works with premium accounts too, and its fully automatic!
    A game takes around 30-60 min
    Remember to choose a kit: be a barbarian. magician, scout, archer, bomber, junkie, warrior, explosivearrows kit and more…

    Join now:

    - /kit
    - /kitinfo kitname
    - /help

    Player tracker:
    Use ur compass to track players, left click on a block


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4. Hunger games servers view Pure Vanilla Server List details HG Servers

    Your favorite hunger games server is back and running games right now!

    Currently one of the top ranked Hunger Games servers!

    16 gigs of ram, Fiber Internet, NO LAG, 24 Players and NO WHITELIST

    Fast moving game, HACKERS BANNED ON SIGHT!

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5. minecraft hunger games server view Pure Vanilla Server List details minecraft hunger games

    I am new to the whole minecraft scene and all the unqiue servers out there. However in my search for fun and unique PvP servers I have found two stand out versions of the Hunger games. Now for those that have not read the books are seen the movie, your crazy but i will fill you in. The hunger games is an all out contest between a group of contestants in which the only way to win is by being the last one standing. People can die from hunger, infections or on the blade of an opponent. Naturally however people seek to make truces and bonds, knowing very well these alliances will be broken when the game comes down to the end.
    So as for the two servers I have found, both are new servers and both run 24/7 with little lag. They also run numerous games at once, so your not stuck waiting forever.
    The first version of the hunger games has been brought forth
    This version is the one I have most fun on. Like the actual hunger games you have two options once the games begin. You can charge the cornucopia fighting off the other contestents for the prized weapons and armor, or retreat into the landscape in hopes of finding hidden weapons and armor that may help you to stay alive. This hunger games also has the ability for people to purchase ranks in order to recieve a small in game bonuse and has measures to inflict people with random infections and diasbilities, like the ones you would encounter in real life. This makes the game extra challenging and forces players to keep food on them at all times.
    The ip to these serves is found on this website

    The second version of the Hunger games is good but not quite as fun. In this one you can make squads if you buy their premium account upgrade. This means your squad can win the match, and players dont have to fear a backstab from their allies. Squads can hold up to 4 members. You also can choose a class so that when you start the match you can start with a bow, or a sword, or some flint etc. In this one instead of finding weapons and armor in chest, you must craft all of your own items and jugle food, resources and enemies all at once.
    with the servers being found on the website The biggest difference in these two hunger games is seen in the start of the match and seen throughout the match by the players choice of strategy.
    In the first version players may not break blocks in the game so as a player you are forced to find chests and hope for the best. In otherwords your out running through the arena fighting people head on, all the while looking for a stash of hidden goodies.
    In the second version you can break blocks, and you do get a class to start with, so it is much more of a hide and strike game. You are best off by securing a location you can work out of, while you build up your force. Then when your ready going out on the hunt for other contestants, that may not have been able to craft as quickly as yourself.

    Both methods are fun, and I like to switch between the games. Each server allows for real life money to be spent on small in game rewards. Not a huge boost for those that wish not to pay, but small bonuses to help you out along the way.

    Now for the all dreaded set backs.
    The first version of hunger games has only one huge setback in it. When the games come down to the wire and take too long to finish the final players have a possibliy of contracting a deadly disease and being killed on the spot. I find this to be very frustrating as it made me lose three matches I could have won. This problem is a way to end matches, but is one I would not have choosen.
    The second version has one major set back as well, and it is that you have the chance to be kicked from the server. It did not happen much to me while I played, but I did get kicked a few times and lost due to being afk for too long.

    Each site has a ranking system, provides fun pvp, and has the ability to build upon what they have done. Please respond with other fun pvp servers that I can tryout (not limited to the hunger games), include set backs perks and a small description. Thanks!

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