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August 30, 2014

Cracked Minecraft Servers

Here are some of the No Hamachi No Whitelist minecraft cracked servers list can be seen below.Check the servers list table below, to find the right type of Minecraft server that is right for you. Updated with 1.4.7 1.4.6.

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Verincraft view details Cracked Anarchy minez Server

    It’s an anarchy server, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s got factions,
    shops, PVP, safe zones, war zones, et cetera. Factions can claim and
    protect land. Free to explore, free to kill, warping, et cetera. The
    mods are active and are really nice Just hop on the website and
    register. In-game, register your name with a password when you first
    join the server. Then, you can login using that password, and it’s
    totally protected.
    Please come join us, and send your friends along, as well It’s an enjoyable server. My name in game is BambiSama :D

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2. CarbonCraft view details Cracked Bukkit PVP, Factions Server

    Come join us minez


    1.No Greifing.

    2.Respect other players.

    3.NO asking for OP OR Creative-mode.

    4.Have fun!

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3. Faction Craft view details Cracked Survival Factions server

    We are cracked, firstly, so you may choose any name you want, but
    AuthMe is obligated. You must register and login per time you come
    online, but even if it annoys you, you wouldn’t rather have people break
    into your account, would you? =]
    The server itself is a Survival PVP Factions and Economy server.
    Meaning that Raiding is allowed, Killing is allowed. What’s unique about
    us but not limited to is : that we have a world where theres no pvp so
    itis called a PEACEFUL world.
    We have economy if you haven’t heard which means you can gain money and things like that.

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4. Deathcraft [premium] view details Cracked Survival Servers

    We are a server owned by the unforgivendiggers. We are a tekkit
    server you need a premium account and the technic launcher (link below).
    More info later.Main server rules
    -No Xray mods
    -no using nukes 500 blocks within spawn
    -no using nuclear recators 10000 blocks within spawn.
    Falure to comply with the rules above will cause a instant ip ban.

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5. Bat king view details Epic Survival server

    Hey guys, the server is currently looking for new players–we con’t
    care if you’re a casual or hardcore player, we accept anyone! We have
    multiple antigriefing and anticheat plugins, so there is no need to
    worry about your creations getting griefed while playing! Yes, we ARE
    cracked, so anyone can join! If you have any additional questions, just
    connect to the server and ask us there while you check it out! There is
    usually always an admin on, so just contact one of them, or even the
    owner! Well, I hope to see you guys there! If you do decide to come to
    the server—just make sure you have fun!
    See you there!Big Grin
    (P.S., the server is up 24/7.)

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6. MineFox view details No Hamachi Servers

    No Premium No Hamachi

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7. Outopia view details Survival Servers

    Hello minecrafters!!A new server is online..The |Outopia Cracked
    minecraft server is waiting for you to join. Game Play Type: Its a
    Survival server.. Description: Well..we set up a new minecraft server
    with plenty of bukkit plugins.We worked on it many days/weeks to achieve
    something ”good” and special for you.The Server is CRACKED(oo yeah..)
    so you can join WITHOUT having a premium minecraft account. Plugins such
    as ”Factions” or ”Jobs” make the server more RolePlay for you..! Rules:
    Be polite..Dont grief..Dont Swear..Dont ask for items..etc that you can
    see in the server.. Server Hardware:Intel Core i7 and 4gb ram
    Plugins:Lottery,ChestShop,Factions,Jobs,ESSENTIALS,Automessager and more
    more more…!! Owner/Admins/Moderators: ChrisKiller Owner!

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8. EminentCraft view details Hardcore Survival Premium Cracked Servers

    We are a 1.4.2 Hardcore Survival server with annual Events. We are
    also a Premium / Cracked server. We have 3gb of RAM to keep all the lag
    away! We also have 40+ Plugins. Including Towny, Essentials, MCMMO,
    Jobs, LWC, Logblock for rolling back any grief that might happen, and
    much more! We have a super active and friendly community and welcome all
    but griefers and trolls.

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9. Epicsburg view details Cracked Survival SMP Bukkit Servers

    A survival server with awesome plugins and great grief protection.
    Awesome staff to help you out with anything you need. Join us now

    PVP/Safe worlds
    Griefing allowed in pvp world!

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10. Freecraft view details Semi Vanilla

    FreeCraft is a PvP, survival server. All is allowed but not TNT. This
    is a Cracked server, so all users can join. At the spawn you can find
    all the rules, please read them before start playing. The Admins are
    friendly… Join and have fun!

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11. United Gamerz view details Cracked Survival
No Hamachi Servers

    Hey guys, for those of you who didn’t buy minecraft, no matter what
    the reason is, we have a good Minecraft Cracked server, IT’S NOW 1.4.2,
    JOIN NOW! (You can still connect with 1.4.2). It’s got great economy,
    active staff, and great plugins, It requires NO HAMACHI, just connect to
    the ip and your good to go.

    Once you connect just do /register (desired password) and play!

    Again, this server doesn’t require hamachi and is survival mode. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. Happy crafting!

    join this minecraft server

12. Animal Craft view details cracked minecraft server list
Faction Servers

    This is the best server ever we need more people to join you can
    build what ever you want factions and more go on and have a blast. you
    can build a base and try to make your faction rule it all

    This server is fun and has factions and money. you can build and have
    wars and alot more. weneed a youtube vid of this server so if you can
    make one that will be great We also have a SNOW world and hope you all
    join and have fun we might reset the map for new year so there might be a
    TNT PARTY soon so hope you all have fun and donate and all that good
    stuff. If you have any plugin request post it in the forms we are
    working on a new forms so keep update and donate $10 to be a member for a
    month. If we do get a new server map it will be way better than the
    last one. PLEASE no advertising spamming or any of that. You can GRIEF
    in the wildy

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13. AeroNetwork view details Cracked SMP PvP Survival


    Uptime : 24/7 No-Lag

    Server : Minecraft

    Owned by : AeroNetwork


    War (TDM)
    Chest Shop
    Mob Bounty
    and tons more…..

    AeroNetwork’s Minecraft server was one of the first Minecraft Cracked
    servers, we opened back in August 2011 and has been up and down since
    then, but now I think we’re back for good. If you have any doubts or any
    problems, we’re here to help, our support team will answer you back
    within 2 hours maximum, via your request, our team knows a lot about
    Minecraft, so we know a lot about what people want within a server, so
    that’s what we’ve done now.

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14. KonflktCraft 1.4.2 view details Cracked no hamachiSurvival Servers

    Welcome to the KonflktCraft thread!
    K0nflktCraft is a survival based server that strives on a full survival
    experience, our administrators do not use creative (other then for
    community buildings and creations) and we have a lot of community events
    to allow you to earn special items and rewards. If you’re the type of
    person that wants to join a relaxed server with trustworthy staff then
    you’ve found the right place. We have a no griefing policy UNLESS it is a
    faction wartime, during these times I will be undoing all damage done
    every night UNLESS a faction is destroyed. If a faction is destroyed the
    ruins will be left and the faction will be disbanded. We are currently
    are looking for an Moderator and if you’d like to apply for this
    position add me on skype from the contact details below.

    Current Version:

    Current Top Faction:

    Miind – Owner
    KandyCane133 – Administrator
    LordZack – Administrator
    xch3ddarx – Builder

    Do not grief other peoples places blocks.
    Respect others in chat and PVP combat.
    Follow admins rules and guidelines.
    No strip mining or X-Ray
    Do not destroy nature blocks (unless you’re mining for resources)
    No excessive swearing (a little is alright)
    Do not try to cyber.
    Do not be racist towards other members.
    Do not beg for admin/mod or Creative.

    Open Minecraft
    Add New Server or Direct Connect
    Type in the Server IP found below
    Join Server
    Type /register (password) (passwordagain)
    Replace password with your chosen password
    Read the signs
    Build and Enjoy!

    Contact Me?
    PM: Miind
    Skype: Miind_Miind
    K0nflktCraft: Miind

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15. Orcacraft view details new cracked minecraft servers

    Welcome to OrcaCraft!!! On this server, you will find a great staff
    and community. The server is still pretty new, but has a firm
    foundation, and is always getting people!

    - Do not Grief
    - Do not build anything near someone without permission
    - Do not instigate problems with other people
    - Do not bully people
    - Do not ask Staff for item
    - Do not ask Staff for place among staff
    - Do not ask Rank stats
    - No 3rd Party Programs
    - many more…

    Come on in! You will have alot of fun!

    Server update: Server downgrading back to 1.4.2. We have had way way
    way to many issues with 1.4.2. Lag and crashes and rollbacks, and so
    many other issues, that as a community, we have decided to downgrade
    back to 1.4.2, and just skip the 1.4.2 update. Unless of course, we can
    see for SURE that those issues have been fixed. Sorry for the

    This server is great Orcacraft. The best minecraft server out there.

    This server is amazing. You wont find a better one.
    It has factions and towny pvp is going to be added soon. The staff is
    friendly and cares about the server. The entire community is nice and
    caring and will make you feel welcome. Unfortunatly the server is still
    at 1.4.2 because of problems with 1.4.2 if you want to try please go to
    the website and look for the downgraded version of minecraft on the
    forums. Please try this server you will love it.

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16. ProphecyCraft view details Cracked Factions PvP Survival Servers

    Welcome to the page of ProphecyCraft! Minecraft 1.4.2 !!

    We are a 24/7 Cracked Factions PvP Survival Server. FREE TO PLAY !

    So we see you like Minecraft.
    But the question is, are you good at it?
    We can tell you. ProphecyCraft is a Factions PvP Mcmmo server, with customary
    mob drops, lurking dangers and surprises to keep you on your toes.
    Leave no stone unturned, no creeper unslain, because everywhere you look there is adventure to be had in ProphecyCraft.
    Every corner you turn you find yourself surrounded, one enemy after another.
    Bloodied and weary, you decide you have but one solution.
    And that is to fight.

    ProphecyCraft is a hardcore PvP Raiding server, Having a great plugin
    called Factions allows users to create their own little Guild wich can
    grow to great sizes. Each faction can claim parts of land. Each Faction
    member has a certain amount of power. each power can be used to claim
    one chunk of land for their faction. Chests, blocks, levers, buttons and
    more will be protected within this land. If you die you will lose
    power, and when the total faction power goes below the amount of land
    claimed, it can be stolen and raided! This adds alot of potential to the
    game. We also have great roleplay improving plugins like Jobs, Where
    you can perform certain actions to gain money and McMMO, to gain skills
    and preform certain special actions.
    I hope you will have a great time. For a quick tutorial on how to join and on how most of the plugins work
    Then visit the forums at

    ° Factions °
    ° PvP °
    ° NoCheat °
    ° Anti-Xray °
    ° NoAbuse °
    ° Fun °
    ° Cracked °
    ° Free °
    ° NoResets °
    ° Backups °
    ° Shops °
    ° Economics °
    ° ShowCases °
    ° Warps °
    ° Arena °

    Owner :
    Co-Owner :

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17. minecraft cracked minez server view details cracked minez server

    now for 1.4.2 no need for modded .jar anymore all vanilla
    hi im jakeb and i host a cracked (free for anyone) minecraft server of the populer Dayz mod for minecraft MineZ.
    heres how to join!
    download hamachi:
    join any network from this listL

    join this minecraft server

18. KeiCraft Hunger Games view details Cracked 24/7 Survival Creative server

    Dedicated No-Lag

    KeiCraft Hunger Games offers a flexible Minecraft Experience for everyone, Premium, or non Premium!
    We have 11 Arenas and are open to Requests, and updates!
    We also soon are adding Survival, Creative, and Skyblock worlds, so stay tuned!
    We have a custom-coded online reward system where you can earn kits,
    ranks, and items using the points you earn from Killing players, and
    Winning games!

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19. Exploria! view details Dutch cracked survival server

    A small server hosted in the netherlands. This server is for payed and
    non-payed (cracked) users. All the users are very friendly to each
    other. We all speak dutch, so it’s a dutch-only server. Kom en join ons!
    De meest gezellige Nederlandse MC server :D

    [Friendly Dutch survival server][30slots][No hacking, no griefing etc.][PVP][Cracked]
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20. KrimCraft Offline mode view details Cracked offline mode Tekkit server

    KrimCraft running in Offline mode (Cracked) with the latest Tekkit 3.1.2.
    We have blocked serval things that makes playing more exciting:
    - disabled EE (Equivalent Exchange mod)
    - Nukes
    Also the cracked minecraft server list has a admin and public (players) shop.
    Making your shop is simple and it is done automatically (no need for OP or admin actions).
    Fell free to join :)
    Tekkit, cracked, offline mode, 3.1.2, 1.2.5, no EE, Economy, ChestShop,
    Factions, LWC, ccSensors, ComputerCraft, weaponmod, buildCraft,
    IndustrialCraft2, Wireless redstone, pvp, 24/7

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21. FusionCraft view details 24/7 – Cracked Survival 1.3.2 Servers

    Server made and funded by DrFusion
    Fusioncraft is a 24/7 dedicated minecraft server with a variety of
    plugins to make the best out of minecraft. Like vanilla with some other
    extras. But there is no free stuff here, either buy it from someone
    else, or go harvest it yourself. When you first join, you will need to
    /register or /login because this is a cracked server. You will be at the
    spawn world of the server. Here you can choose to go to survival,
    creative world or go play the hunger games. Or read the boring info
    Backup – better safe than sorry
    Battleship – Battleship in Minecraft
    Buycraft – an easier way to donate
    CraftConomy – economy plugin
    ChessCraft – Chess in Minecraft
    ChestShop – player can sell items
    Craftbook – Ability to make bridges, gates, etc
    DisquiseCraft – Disquise into a player or mob
    Essentials – All the essentials
    MobBounty – get money killing mobs!
    NoCheat – No cheating!
    Obfuscator – No xray!
    SkyChest – one click, organize your chests
    Survival Games – Hunger Games
    Vanish – someone always watching you

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22. EternalCracked 1.4.2 view details Cracked servers minecraft

    EternalCracked a Welcoming Server.
    We Are A Cracked Server So Join Us, Everyone Is Welcome!
    We have at least 30+ people on our server all the time.
    We have many plugins to keep you company to!
    Some of the major ones are:
    Economy – Get Money!
    Mob Bounty- Get money by killing MOBS!!!
    MobArena – Fight mobs in a action packed arena
    Towny – a safe place to build with no greifers.
    SkyBlock – SkyBlock on multiplayer Can You Survive?
    Hunger Games – Fight or Die in a blood thirsy battle to the death
    DynMap- A interactive Map for the server!
    And many more…
    Join us Today!

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23. DrugCraft view details Cracked Drug minecraft servers

    DrugCraft is a Cracked Factions and drugs server with helpful admins
    and little to no lag. The server is revolved aroung the growing and
    selling of drugs without getting caught by the cops, Or you can chose to
    sign up to be in the police and help fight drugs. We are looking for
    friendly players.
    Orebfuscator, FriskStick, CreeperHeal, GroupManager, WorldEdit, IPLog,
    AuthMe, DisguiseCraft, WorldGuard, SpamProtect, Essentials,
    EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat, Factions, ChopTree2, Permissions,
    SignMod, Openinv, Stimulatory

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24. Lost City view details Cracked server

    We Are A 24/7 Server With Many Great Plugins! Including The
    Following:Essentials MC Jobs!! [oh yeah!] Warps And Many Many More!!! We
    Have An Amazing Spawn And 75 slots!!!! So come in and enjoy the fun!

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25. Audicraft 2.0 view details Cracked SMP PvP SSD server

    Audicraft, we are a minecraft server where anything can happen, the
    server is cracked, has factions, residence, logblock, and many more
    plugins, We are an economy based server with lots of shops and market
    stalls for people to buy and rent. Anyway, why am i telling you this,
    come see for your self. Hope to see you there!
    Essentials, McMMO, Core Protect, No Cheat, etc

    join this minecraft server