Bukkit Server List - New updated 1.7.9

August 23, 2014

Bukkit Server List

Need Bukkit Minecraft Servers? We got them check our list of the best Bukkit Servers have to offer. 1.4.7

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Chosen Craft view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    Come join us! We have many intuitive plugins and even our own plugin developers. We also feature an active website with forums, a Ventrilo server, and trained staff to quickly help you with any problems!

    Server Reviews:

    Medessec: “The community is very open and friendly, the server has a lot of people on it all the time, so it’s no beat-down botched Vanilla server running on someone’s home computer. It’s owners didn’t compromise either, my connection to the server was exceptionally smooth and stable.”

    Edomien: “Very good moderators who ACTUALLY HELP! I love this server! Grief? They fix it! Spammers? They take care of them! Epic server! Join now!”

    Jasc5797: “It’s an amazing server!”

    OtterTom: “Love this server! I play all the time, it’s so addicting!”

    So what are you waiting for? Come join!

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2. Vanilla ish craft view Bukkit Server List details No Whitelist Bukkit

    We are a vanilla-ish 1.3 server with minimal plugins. Come check us out. We have no whitelist and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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3. SimplyCrafted view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    Our Minecraft server (based on Bukkit) has tons of useful plugins. For pure, fun Minecraft, check out our server!
    We keep everything organized and the administration is quick to remove griefers or players that threaten the friendly feel of the community. It’s a safe place to build your next awesome Minecraft creation or just to hang out and have a leisurely gaming experience.
    Our server is a community – if you’ve got a suggestion or issue, we’ll listen!

    Cool plugins:

    - ChestShop
    - iConomy
    - LogBlock
    - mcMMO
    - Towny

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4. ViperCraft view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    ViperCraft Is A Server Where Anything Is Possible. We Have Just Finished Our Bukkit Server, Come And Join Us Now To Have Some Fun.

    A Minecraft Server Where You Can Do Just About Anything!

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5. Twilight Haven view Bukkit Server List details No Whitelist
1.3.1 Bukkit Servers






    We are a friendly community who who have been around for a while now.

    What kind of server we have.


    Do NOT Grief. You will be banned.

    We have a Survival server with features such as:

    Residences. It protects your house.

    PVP. You need to ask for permission.

    Mob Arena. You can fight mobs for items.


    Plots which you can buy.


    XZeenon – Founder


    (Same Amount of Authority)



    We are a friendly community who have been around for a while now. You don’t need to be whitelisted, you can build instantly.

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6. Mumau’s Priso view Bukkit Server List details Prison
Bukkit Servers

    Mumau’s Prison is a place where the swine who practice total noobery are locked up for life, and can only acquire freedom through hard work in the prison.

    Our prison server is based on the models set by other prison servers. Players may work for and sell items in stores in order to earn money. That money may then be used to purchase ranks, the highest of which is freedom. Free members of our server may build in the wilderness and enjoy a happy life, knowing they’ve served their time!

    Prisoners are confined to specific “prison blocks” or pre-defined areas, wherein they have the privileges listed below. All privileges are cumulative, meaning that a higher-ranking prisoner has permission to do all things available to their group, as well as all things available to lower ranks.


    C-Prisoner (You start the game like this)

    • Ability to mine iron, coal, stone and wood in mining areas.
    • Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in C-Block.
    • Ability to rent lockers to quickly store your stuff while mining.
    • Access to courtyard, where you can buy plots of land to build a home.
    • Play a Parkour game (easy difficulty) located at C-Block.
    • Access to a PvP arena to duel other prisoners or even guards.

    B-Prisoner (Cost: $15,000)

    • Ability to rent cells in B-Block for a smaller fee than the purchase of a Courtyard plot.
    • Access to B-Block’s Spleef Arena, where you can earn even more money.
    • Access to the fishing area.
    • Ability to mine gold, lapis lazuli and endstone in new mining areas.
    • Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in B-Block.
    • Create your own stores to sell stuff to the other players.
    • Access to another Parkour area, a bit harder than the C-Block one.

    A-Prisoner (Cost: $35,000)

    • Ability to rent larger cells than those found in B-Block.
    • Restrict access to Nether.
    • Ability to mine redstone and diamonds in new mining areas.
    • Access to a totally customized Parkour area (hard difficulty).

    Elite Prisoner (Cost: $60,0000)

    • Access to the Elite Prisoner casino! Earn money with slot machines.
    • Access to the colored wool mine.
    • Try to Play a hardcore-level Parkour course. (almost impossible)
    • Access to the Elite shopping mall. Everything with a lower price than the rest of the prison.
    • Visit the observatory and see the freedom!!!

    Freedom (Cost: $100,000)

    • You’re finally free! Leave the prison and build freely in the world!
    • Enjoy all the perks of previous ranks..
    • Create or join Factions outside the prison to protect your territory, and fight other factions.
    • Come back and visit your friends in jail.

    V I P * (Cost: $15 or more in donations to the server)

    • Access to a special mine, where you can find different kind of blocks.
    • Access the VIP Tree Farm, the only place you can find pine trees.
    • Easy prison transportation through teleportation rooms.
    • Authorized access to the Mob Arenas! Fight waves of monters and win prizes. A lot of fun here.
    • Exclusive commands reserved only for VIP users.
    *: VIP is not a rank itself, but a special status granted to the server donators. You will have fully access to the VIP perks along with your respective prison rank, such as C, B, A, Elite or Free.

    earning money

    There are a wide variety of ways to earn money in Mumau’s Prison. These include the items listed below, and may include other ways in the future.

    • Mines: Get to work in various mines and lumber mills! As you rank up, higher-ranking cell blocks have newer and better mines.
    • Play games: Prisoners have access to various games, such as a spleef arena, parkour courses and a casino, with which you may earn money!
    • Guard Salaries: Guards will earn a reasonable hourly wage for their service. Protect prisoners, and you will earn money for your good deeds!
    • Buy/sell plots of land: All plots in the Courtyard may be bought and sold. Be a savvy Real-estate investor, and you could turn a profit!
    • Create user stores: As an A-Prisoner, you may create stores to sell your wares.
    • Vote for us and you’ll earn more than $3000 per 24-hour period.

    prison rules

    Bannable Rules: These are rules that help keep our server running properly. If you are caught breaking them, you will be banned from using the server outright.

    (Obs.: We have a highly trained Staff to deal with cheaters and hackers. We work very hard to keep a clean and fair community! If you’re a player looking for legit fun, you’re in the right place.)

    • No hacks, cheats, modified clients, etc.
    • No disrespect or cussing.
    • No abusing glitches to enter restricted areas. Please report glitches on the .
    • No banned items, such as water or lava buckets and instant damage potions.
    • No smuggling goods from the “free” world back into prison.

    Prison Rules (Not bannable): Prison guards may enforce these rules. If you are found to be in violation, a guard may put you in jail cell for five minutes or even kill you.

    • No weapons or armor: These include swords, bows and arrows and all armor types.
    • No harmful potions: These include Slowness and Poison potions. (Other potions are allowed, such as Fire Resistance or Swiftness)
    • No fights (PvP): PvP is allowed on the server and is active in many areas. If you are caught PVPing by a guard, he/she will punish the attacker to protect the victim. If the attacker cannot be determined, both will be punished.

    mps guards

    Guards are a special member of the prison population, although they too are trapped inside. Guards are responsible for enforcing the rules of the prison. They also earn an hourly salary for their service. Guards may earn their freedom if they return to the prison as a prisoner and relinquish their guard status. Guards may purchase kits of armor to protect themselves and ensure order is maintained in the prison. They may also access all areas of the prison. There are three types of guards:

    Trainee Guard: These are new guards who have a few additional powers beyond regular prisoners. They are responsible for teaching new players the rules and helping others. After a few weeks of Trainee-Guard duty, a Chief-Guard may promote him/her to Patrol-Guard at their discretion, or return the TG to the prison population.
    Because they’re guards in training, those can only access C-Block and B-Block.

    Patrol Guard: These are the "full" guards, and have all the available commands to their duties. They are responsible to enforce the prison rules and imprison those who are breaking the rules. They may be fired for not doing their job, or promoted for good work. PGs have access to A-Block as well.

    Elite Guard: High skilled ones, are responsible for administration over other guards in addition to regular guard duties. These have access to Elite-Block and also to a few admin commands to monitor bad players.

    Chief Guard: Selected by Wardens only, the CGs are responsible to look up over all the hired guards and keep the prison under control and peace. CGs are the only ones with the ability to hire new guards.

    To check the extensive and detailed guard rules, please check our .


    Want to be a guard? All you have to do is to fill a guard application to us.

    Our entire staff will analyze it, along with your behavior and activity in-game.
    You may get accepted or not, but please don’t constantly bug the staff members to check your app. We carefully check all of them, no exceptions.

    The guard application and instructions are located here:


    You have an iConomy account on the server. Some vital money-related commands:

    - /money – view your balance

    - /money pay – pay someone an amount of money
    example: /money pay foobar 150 – pays the user called "foobar" an amount of 150 in-game dollars.

    There are various shops through the prison. When you find one, left-click on the block below its displayed item to view info about the shop, and right-click the block to buy or sell. Holding down shift while right-clicking will buy or sell a full stack of items.


    The prison features three courtyards, in which players may buy plots of land. These may be used to build homes, shops, headquarters, etc… Prices for the plots are listed on signs around the plots. Purchased plots are protected from destruction by others, and doors and chests are protected as well.

    You can also share plots with your friends for a small fee of $3,000 per player. Type /plot in-game for more information.


    There are various types of mines throughout the prison. As you attain higher-level access to the prison you will have access to additional mines, which will make it easier and more fun to earn money as you progress.

    Mines will be occasionally regenerated. They may only be regenerated by Wardens. If a Warden is on and a mine is depleted, politely ask a Warden to reset it. Make sure it’s truly depleted, as they will only be reset if they are mostly depleted.

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7. TreausreCraft view Bukkit Server List details survival bukkit Servers


    About Us

    Treasurecraft is a dedicated minecraft server with something for everybody to enjoy! We are up 24/7 and playing with us is where the Real Minecraft starts!

    You may wonder what Real Minecraft is supposed to be? This is when no matter what you get bored of, their is always something else to do… Why else would Notch make an infinite world?

    If you get bored of Surviving in the wild…. Jump into Creative World and begin to build until your heart is content!

    Getting bored of battling all the time and protecting your faction’s base….. Jump into Space and begin your empire on Mars!

    With three different gameplays to enjoy, the fun can never end.

    Not forgetting our daily Hunger Games, with awesome prizes to battle for….. Let the games be in your favour!




    [1] No griefing (Except in PvP World!)
    [2] No Swearing
    [3] No Excessive Capps
    [4] No Trespassing
    [5] No stealing
    [6] No racist or rude comments towards other players!
    [7] No Spamming
    [8] No Mods
    [9] No abusing glitches
    [10] Respect ranks higher than yourself

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8. EmpireCraft view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    (New) Empire – Craft


    Unser Server befindet sich in der Bukkit Version: 1.2.5. Der Server wird kontinuierlich verbessert und ausgebaut,

    Alle Leser sind herzlich eingeladen jeder Besucher erhält heute extra EG (Gold)!!


    Empire-Craft ist ein Surival und Roleplay Server. Ihr könnt euch in einer mittelalterlichen Welt kreativ ausleben und

    helfen die Stadt zu erweitern. Empire – Craft besteht zurzeit aus 4 Welten, einmal die Hauptwelt, Farmwelt, Nether

    und The End. In der Wildins kann man sich nie sicher sein. Deshalb bieten wir dir, für einen bestimmten

    Betrag (EG) deine Fläche zu protecten.


    Es besteht die Möglichkeit V.I.P zu werden wenn man eine der folgenden Kriterien erfüllt:

    - mind. 5 Leute werben.

    - Spendet den Server 5€ für 3 Monate. (Spenden Gelder werden für die Server kosten benutzt)

    V.I.P Leute haben folgende Vorteile:

    - Extra Startbonus (Diamanten-Set und 250 Empire-Gold)

    - Magic-Carpet (Ein fliegender Glasteppich)

    Es werden bald mehr funktionen hinzugefügt.

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9. LifeCraft view Bukkit Server List details Real life
Bukkit Servers

    Reallife Server #1 [Jobs][Reallife][Plots/Regions][Farmlands]


    Hiermit stelle ich euch LifeCraft vor !

    LifeCraft ist ein kleiner Reallife Server. Dieser Server basiert auf das reale Leben (Jobs , Grundstücke etc.)
    Wie ihr auf unserem Server spielen könnt steht ganz unten!
    Die IP steht in der Minecraft-Serverliste [URL dazu hier drunter]

    Minecraft-Serverliste: Klick
    Vote: Klick

    Die Domain wird bald eröffnet und dann wird dieser Text hier auch angepasst.
    Auf dem Server erwarten euch:
    – Nette Spieler
    – Nette Admins/Owner
    – Nette Community
    – Tomatenhagel
    – Grundstücke
    – Jobs
    – Farmwelt
    – Votebelohnungen!
    – & mehr!

    Schaut es euch selbst an , join unseren Server ! Falls euch der Server gefällt , könnt ihr gerne für den Server voten! Ihr erhaltet dann eine Votebelohnung als dankeschön!

    Um auf den Server spielen zu können , müsst ihr ein Passwort per /apply eingeben. Dieses Passwort passt garnicht zur Beschreibung , ist also leicht zu finden


    Here with I want to present LifeCraft to you!
    Lifecraft is a small Reallife Server. This Server is based on real Life (jobs, plots, etc)
    How you can join/play on our Server is discribed at the bottom of the thread.
    The IP is writen into the Minecraft-Serverlist [URL therefore underneath]

    Minecraft-Serverlist: Click
    Vote for our Server: Click
    (First field: The Captcha , second field: Your Name on Server)

    The Domain is going to open soon, then the text here is going to be adapted.
    On the server awaits you:
    – Kind Players
    – Pleasant Admins/Owners/Moderators
    – Nice Community
    – "Tomatenhagel"
    – Plots
    – Jobs
    – Farmworlds
    – Voting rewards
    – & much more !

    Check it out by yourself, and join our Server! If you like the Server, you can vote for the Server!
    You’re getting a reward as a "thank you" from our side !

    in order to access the Server, you have to type the password per /apply in the Chat on our Server. The password not at all fits into the discription, so it’s easy to find. :)

    Yours sincerely,

    The LifeCraft Team.

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10. Trueshot Prison Server view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Server

    Welcome to TrushotPrison server, we are 24/7 Prison, PvP and Rampage Galore! Trueshot is the place for Prison fun!

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11. SubmissionPvP view Bukkit Server List details 1.3.1 Bukkit Server

    Here at SubmissionPVP, we are HARDCORE PVP! GREIFING IS ALLOWED! we have daily events, such as paintball, or a genral PVP battle in our amazing arenas, so come visit today!!

    We are a 24/7 Factions PVP server! [FACTIONS][PAINTBALL]

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12. NZBuild server view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    General information
    NZBuild offers you as a user a unique Minecraft gaming experience due to our 60+ Plugins and amazing staff!
    Our amazing server hosting enables you to have a 24/7 lag free gaming experience!

    Main Aspects
    - Factions (Anti-Grief! For you and your friends!)
    - A range of Donator ranks that further increase your gaming experience! These ranks start from just $5.00!(All ranks are permanent)

    Server Specs
    - 64GB Dedicated RAM!
    - 1000mbps Connection!

    Join us today!

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13. UndeadCraft view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit PvP

    We Are Running Bukkit 1.3.1!!
    [Note: Server Will Tend To Have Lag Spikes, because it is a Dev Build]


    64 slots
    Starter kit
    No Lag


    #1 No Hacking
    #2 No Spamming
    #3 No X-Ray
    #4 Don’t Ask For OP
    #5 Don’t Ask For Items
    #6 No Advertising
    #7 No Exploits / DUpe
    #8 No Saying Your From PMC
    #9 Report Any Bugs / Glitches
    #10 No PVP Logging
    #11 No Lying
    #12 No Racism
    #12 No Abusive Staff

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14. Oblivion view Bukkit Server List details Survival multiplayer Bukkit Servers

    Welcome to Minecraft Oblivion server! We are a 24/7 Survival multiplayer server. We run Bukkit on the server, with a wide variety of plugins. For a detailed list of what plugins are available for you to use, click the Ranks/Plugins tab above!

    Guest Rank
    ABOUT THIS RANK: Guests are people that are new to the server. They cannot break or place blocks or use most commands available to other players. This rank is for people that want to explore the server and determine if they want to join out community.



    *Explore our world freely

    *Type /motd for information about becoming a Survivalist.

    *Type /rules for a brief synopsis of the server rules.

    *Type /list lets you view who is logged into the server.

    *Type /plugins to see a list of the plugins we have.

    *Type /spawn gets you to the spawn point quickly.

    HOW TO OBTAIN THIS RANK: This rank is granted automatically upon connecting to McOblivion for the first time.

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15. Cubeside deutscher view Bukkit Server List details Bukkit Servers

    Hallo lieber Leser,
    schön das du uns gefunden hast.

    Wir sind Cubeside ein, deutscher Minecraft Server.

    Es können nur Crafter mit gekauftem Spiel bei uns spielen.
    Das hat natürlich eine Menge Vorteile. Somit ist die Sicherheit der Bauwerke besser gewährleistet als bei Inoffiziellen Servern.
    Uns gibt es erst seit dem 27.04.2011 aber wir konnten schon früh feststellen, dass sich unser Server mehr und mehr mit aktiven Crafter gefüllt hat.

    Nun, was zeichnet uns aus?

    Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Community, die sich jeden Tag auf’s neue, der Welt von Minecraft hingibt.
    Somit haben wir zusammen viel Spaß beim spielen bzw. bauen.
    Euch werden eine Menge Freiheiten geboten, wobei diese aber auch nur möglich sind, wenn ihr unsere Regeln einhaltet. Solltet ihr sie nicht einhalten, müssen wir euch leider zu Recht weisen.

    Wie läuft das erste Mal bei uns ab?

    Als erstes Connected ihr auf unseren Server.
    Danach seid ihr in einem „Anfangs-Tutorial“ was ihr durcharbeitet.
    Danach erhaltet ihr von einem Staff Mitglied die Playerrechte und könnt auf ein Grundstück eurer Wahl los bauen.

    Was bieten wir?

    – Eine deutschsprachige Community
    – Ein Wirtschaftssystem
    – -> Jobs
    – -> Märkte
    – Ein Gefängnis(Für die Bösen unter uns)
    – Türen und Kisten sind abschließbar
    – Ein Chat mit verschiedenen Channels
    – TS³ Server
    – Ein Forum
    – Und noch vieles mehr…

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