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December 27, 2015

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Welcome to MinecraftServersX.com here you will find most complete list of the top free Minecraft Servers list for hosts from around the world online. Check back often to ensure you always have new servers available. Minecraft is a computer based multiplayer strategy game which was created in early 2009 and as of December 2012 over 8.1 million people from around the globe have purchased the viral block building game from one source or another. The cost of the game is a mere $29.00 makes it very affordable and worth the money, Another great feature of the game is the fact that you can connect to hosted IP's with unique set of rules

Rank Server Name Details Type of Gameplay Status
1. Miners Paradise Economy Servers Factions Creative

    MobArena, Chestshops, Powerful Economy, , Factions, Creative, Ultimate Greif Protection, Biggest Football feild, HugeBuilds, Mob Disguise, MultiVerse, Casino, Lottery, Lockette, WorldEdit, Essentials, CAPTURE THE FLAG, Spleef, TreasureHunts, BattleHunt, and many more!

    This is a Epic server! We have taken minecraft and made the game even better here! We use state of the art hardware that will make you not lag at all. We are an experienced server with dedicated Owners and Administrators.

    The Owner of this server is nickie_G1010

    We use some of the best plugins known to bukkit servers. We have essentials, mob arenas, spleef, mob disguise, and plenty more for everyone to enjoy.

    We have Multiple Worlds on this server. We have , Economy, Creative, and soon to be Factions.

    This server can hold up to 100 slots, but we are willing to expand if we get more players.

    Finally if you want a server where mods don't ignore you, please come here. We have mature Greeters, Mods, and Admins to help everybody out with protecting land for free or reporting any bad people roaming around (Which we never have).


    See you all at Miners Paradise!

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2. ColdCraft view details Survival/Servers

    A fantastic 24/7 dedicated survival/ server with 5GB's of RAM and broadening capabilities. We are a fairly new server and are still working on getting up to speed. We have world edit, factions, essentials, and soon will have economy. We are always looking to expand the server and make the best we possibly can! Join today to give us tips and advice on what to build next. You might even earn a trusted spot with the crew.

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3. PowerTropolis view details Drug/Mafia

    Here at powertropolis you can start a gang and climb to the top, harvest/deal drugs, or stop the crooks! basically, whatever you want to do... we have it! so hop on in and enjoy the ride!

    PowerTropolis is a unique server with 99% uptime and NO LAGG, its a mafia styled server, so don your trilby hat and click join server... create a gang and take over the world, run drug farms and grow!

    Mafia Drugs Police

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4. One Buc Tekkit view details Tekkit multiplayer

    Welcome to One Buc Tekkit!

    One Buc Tekkit is a 24/7 Tekkit server with minimal to no lag, Unlike many other Tekkit servers we have Equivalent Exchange enabled!


    Owner: TTGxDrizzy

    Co-Owner: GoinHamSandwich

    Techie: Here_To_Kill360

    Admin: None yet!

    Moderators: Mikez29, dylcran, Mavrick111


    Member - Default Rank

    Technician - Craft all of the basic machinery such as a Macerator, Extractor, Electric furnace and a Compressor

    Inventor - Craft and have all the advance Machinery such as a Rotary macerator, induction furnace, singularity compressor and a centrifuge extractor

    Engineer - Make full NanoSuit armor, you also earn a Nick name!

    Scientist - Make a Nuclear reactor and have full Quantum armor equipped with a Red Morning star along with a Katar

    Retired - You've shown what you can do and now you can relax!



    *Banned Items List*

    Dark matter furnace and red matter furnace
    Nova catalyst
    Nova cataclysm
    Blaze rods and blaze powder (if you need wireless redstone ask staff)
    Industrial TNT
    World anchors and anchor carts
    Destruction catalyst
    Soul stone
    Evertide amulet
    Volcanite amulet
    Ring of ignition
    Archangel smite
    Hyperkinetic lens
    watch of flowing time
    catalytic lens
    Zero ring
    All four pieces of Gem armor

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5. Hypercraft view details Faction, Raiding, Survival

    The Info:
    Hypercraft is a public faction, raiding, survial server that is looking to expand it's ranks! We have a tight nit and friendly community with helpful staff. But we do not allow any form of cheating like nodus and x-ray.

    Hypercrafts currency is called dollar(s). We have admin shops all around spawn that lets you buy essenital materials to survive. you can gain money by going into dungeons and killing mobs. Theese Dungeons are scattered around spawn and around the world.

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6. Florida Minecraft Server view details Survival

    Awesome! survial server based in Florida looking for builders to help with cityscape. We have Real Economy. Fly is Enabled! 24/7 Up Time. All Welcome. Everything you build is protected. We have friendly atmosphere with players on all the time. Come Try us out, you won't regret it.

    CHECK OUT OUR LIVE DYNAMIC MAP HERE! http://floridaminecraft.gsv.me:8123

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7. ConspiracyCraft view details Survival games

    ConspiracyCraft - a new survial server designed to be optimised for survial and games. Players have the ability to /sethome, /home and /spawn. This is an anarchy server, so stealing, grieifing and raiding are not only allowed, but are also actively encouraged. All players are equal, so feel free to kill anybody including the owners Flesx, itskafei and itsjake.

    Every Friday we hold an event called Frantic Friday in which itskafei and itsjake will deliberately be PvPing more with legitimately gained items. If and when somebody manages to kill one of us, then they will be given the title of "Legend". We allow up to 3 people with the Legend title at once, after which time the first player to get Legend is recycled, and so on.

    If you get to the point where you think you're ready to fight the Ender Dragon by yourself or in a team, contact itskafei or itsjake so that we may witness the battle. Up to 3 people in a team are allowed to gain the "Slayer" title if you successfully defeat it. If you decide to kill the Ender Dragon when we're not on, only up to 1 person may gain the title (with Dragon Egg proof).

    Moderator positions are available but please don't ask for them - we decide ourselves and ask if they would like to become staff. If you're chosen, you're first promoted to helper (can /kick). If that goes well, you're given moderator, having the ability to /ban, /pardon and /tp. Commands are for moderating purposes - staff get demoted if they abuse their powers.

    (PvP) (Anarchy) (Grief) (Steal) (Raid)

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8. The Xaldin Edge view details Minecraft Survival

    Welcome to the Xaldin Edge Minecraft Survival Server!

    We have recently undergone many changes and upgrades.

    Now supports 100 players!

    Join us today and experience a more personal environment.

    We offer...

    McMMo (Donators Only)

    And so much more!

    Tired of having to pay $10, $15, or $20 just to use items
    that are already included in the game? Don't worry.

    At Xaldin Edge, we have a minimum $5 donator deal.

    One time donated, you get access to flint, lava, /warp,
    McMMO commands, 10 homesets, and Starter Kits and more!

    You can choose from Miner, Explorer, Business, and Builder.

    All from your first donation. Repeat Donators get an extra in-game
    gold bonus to help boost shopping/marketing.

    We have a dedicated staff and an easy to use ticket support system
    that enables us to greatly enhance reaction-times as well as keep a
    smooth and well-protected world running solid.

    For in game protection we have anti-grief measures in place but we do not use any
    "automated" methods as we like to address any grief or theft
    directly and personally.

    Some matters aren't always solved with a kick/ban and we
    try and show the utmost fairness in all matters.

    Don't want to play in fear of an automated ban-hammer? Then join us
    at The Xaldin Edge.

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9. GontrollerCraft view details
Factions server

    We are a PvP based server focused around the factions and McMMO plugins. This allows you to team up with friends, claim land and build a base. Be careful though as other factions will be looking to take your hard-earned loot away from you with their TNT cannons and diamond swords!

    We also run the MobArena plugin which allows you to fight against progressively harder waves of mobs. If you can reach wave 40 and above you could get yourself some seriously cool items!

    Thanks for looking! :)

    Essentials, MCMMO, Factions, Mob Arena, War

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10. VastCraft view details SMP PVP

    VastCraft is a dedicated Minecraft server, available 24/7. Our server is located in Germany, but the server's official language is English. As the name says, it's a Vast server: it has many worlds, having a real big one as the main world.
    Our main goal is to provide a nice SMP experience to people interested in quests, exploring, freebuilding and creative arts. The many worlds on the server have their own purposes, integrating to each other in a way to entertain and challenge all players. PVP is disabled, except for special areas dedicated to PVP controlled games. The environment and events are controlled by a nice set of plugins and some custom plugins developed specially to VastCraft. We have a Temporary Server open and available for players to have fun while we finish building the main worlds and quests, and Hollywood-like special effects never seen before.
    As soon as the main quests are ready, we will open all worlds and let the mystery start. Until then, area protection will be handled by Moderators so players can build in safe regions with the certainty that no one will grief it. Griefing is always a problem but we have a nice set of plugins that allow us to manage, backup and rollback griefs.

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11. mcvuze view details PvP, Survival, Creative

    We are ALL as YOU need! - All game modes 1.3.1

    Hej og velkommen til VUZE

    Vi er en server som udfylder ALLE dine behov! (se hvordan i vores youtube video den er lidt sejere! :D)
    Vi har sat alle gamemodes fra minecraft sammen til 1 enkel server! altså PvP, survial, Creative og Hungergames's

    Info om verdnerne

    PvP verden: Her spawner du og i denne verden kan du nakke alt og alle! Og her er der også en labyrint som tar 1 time du kan også lave
    din egen towny

    survial: I denne verden er det 90% vanilla minecraft! Ingen PvP og du kan sethome, som du også kan i PvP

    Creative: Her kan du udvide dine ideer til virkelighed! Du kan bygge alt i hele verden

    Hunger games: I denne verden er der hungergames!(mere info længere nede på siden)

    (Ny) Adventure map: Dette er den helt nye verden og mode som er kommet til minecraft! Den har vi i vores server!

    Hvad er VIP?
    Vi har lavet VIP som gør at man får MANGE flere commands og fordele end de andre spillere!
    Nogen at de commands kan være: World edit, Protect huse og kister, Penge in-game, op til 5 sethome!, /Back, /Tpa og mange flere

    Det kan købes her: butik.mcvuze.dk

    Hvorfor joine os?

    Har nu nogen sinde været inde i en server hvor du syntes at pvp er blevet lidt kedeligt? Og du kan ikke komme til creative?
    Så join VUZE! Fordi vi har nemmelig alle modes også creative og pvp!! Med meget mere!

    Syntes du at når du kommer ind i en server. Så er alt kedeligt, grimt, svært og useriøst?
    Det er det ikke på vuze! Vi har nemmelig et flot spawn!, sjove ting på serveren! Som hungergames mm, Nemme plugins! Og vi tager vores server 100% seriøst

    Dette var kun nogen af grundene til at joine vuze!!!

    Her får du en meget kort information om hvad det går ud på

    PvP: Towny (med guide) og bare generalt pvp! no mercy!!! hvis du dør så giver vi IKKE dine ting tilbage! (kun hvis de hacker) Jeg elsker personligt denne verden mest! Bare få dig nogen venner og byg din egen by!

    Creative: Her får du lov til bygge ALT!!! hvad du har lyst til! (ja også pikke....)

    Hunger games: Du kan se i denne video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5a_-48VCeE hvad det går ud på!
    men hvis du vil ha det på skrift kommer det her: Det handler om at skaffe dig ting og nakke andre mennesker! rundt på mappet er der gemte kister, koder og fælder!

    survial: At spille det normale minecraft med dine venner! Bare 100 gange sjovere

    Adventure: I denne her mode og verden er der templer og gæmte kister rundt omkring. Du kan ikke bygge, men kun løbe rundt og udforske verden! Mega sjovt med dine venner

    Hvilke plugins vi bruger?:
    Towny, Essentials, Group manager, pvparena, mcjobs, Survivalgames, Iconomy, Votifier, Chestshop, Buycraft (og mange flere dette var kun de vigtigeste)

    Du skal helt klart joine! Fordi du vil ikke fortyde!

    Ses på VUZE

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12. Minecraft Colonies view details Survival Towny

    Minecraft Colonies is a Survival/Towny Server.
    We allow all our members to run the server economy using chestshops and we encourage trading between players.
    You can protect your items with the LWC plugin, allowing chest protection and more...

    This allows our members to run the economy how they want it and brings people together through trading, We have 2 different plugins which allow you to win prizes,Lottery and MobArena at any time.
    We will be holding Mob Arena and Build Touraments giving away in game prizes.

    All your possessions will be protected by LWC :)

    Essentials |Towny | Anticheat | swatchdog | Chestshop | Coloured Signs | Jobs | Mob Disguise | Scavenger | Tree Assist And Many More...

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13. Oblivion Survival view details Survival

    Oblivion survial is a Bukkit based servr with dedicated staff, and a vast, diverse Player community. We make sure our combination of plugins optimize your gameplay experience. We have a large market place, and an extremely efficient economy system. Rule Overview #1. No Greifing #2. DO NOT break anyone's Builds #3. Respect the Staff #4. Keep swearing to a minimum, This servr is for all ages. #5. DO NOT ask the staff to spawn items. #6. Player versus Player Is only allowed in PVP arena. #7. If you need any help, ask the staff. #8. Be polite to other Players #9. DO NOT ask for ranking abilities. #10. DO NOT spam.

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14. Dragons Solace view details 99% Vanilla

    Like said, 99% vanilla, only running bukkit for my use of worldedit (when needed) I won't hesitate to ban hackers, although I do give warnings out on the xrays, dont get used to that though. Brand new servr, 4 gigs dedicated, see you guys there!


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15. ShadowRaze view details Survival McMMO

    Dedicated Server - Intel Xeon E3-1290
    16 GB DDR3 RAM
    2x 128 GB SSD
    1gbps port speed
    10 TB Bandwith

    Over 1000 slots! Multiple servers! Multiple machines!
    (Tekkit coming soon)

    Hello and welcome to ShadowRaze! We are aiming to create a friendly and fun servr for everyone to enjoy. We have big plans for it and we want you all to be part of it.
    Our servr is a regular survival server, as such mobs are enabled to fight and deal with, and all players will forage and collect their own materials. You are free to set up towns with your friends if you wish, or settle out on the landscape on your own!

    As for how our servr enhances your survival experience, we utilize WorldGuard to protect
    homes and projects. We also have LWC protection for to keep your chests, doors, and furnaces safe!
    As per most servers, our rules are as follows: We do not tolerate griefing and as such, any sort of hacks or modifications as well. No flying, no X-Ray usage of any sort, no cheating in general. Do not destroy other player's homes, do not deface the landscape purposely, and do not steal from others. These rules are to be followed at all times and players will be warned of infractions. Failure to follow rules may result in a placement in 'jail' for a certain amount of time, a kick from the servr, or for the worst offenses... a local or global ban. Lastly, do not ask to be an admin or to be a mod. And do not ask them to spawn items for you.

    The main goal of the servr is to
    build towns/cities in the world and to basically have fun and meet new friends!
    So we welcome you all to join S

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16. KingsCraft view details Offline Mode

    [1.3] Powered by CraftBukkit/OFFLINE MODE
    KingsCraft is the words largest Offline Mode Server.
    Our motto being "Premium gameplay, Offline Server".
    With one of the most helpful and supportive communities out there.
    We also feature a true "non boredom" policy. We constantly add more stuff for you, the community, to be able to experience and enjoy.

    Here are just a few.


    Come join our vast skill system. Level up in Mining, Swords, Acrobatics, Unarmed and more! Gain levels and grow to the top. Make the swing of your sword feared across the lands and make your empire!
    We feature a fully customized Skill system to make gameplay more intense then ever before!
    Survival / HardCore Worlds:

    We have a normal Survival World, Where you can protect your home with our Custom Features, and we have a Hardcore world "Forditot". Which is the same as Survival, Except there is NO protection.
    You Kill To Survive

    We are a servr thrived in economics. From public auctions, to shops and an ever growing stock share. Prices change based on supply and demand. You don't need to be a swordsman to get a kingdom, Watch as the government goes up and down in money, and experience an every growing economic adventure.

    Survive the night, and some of the terrors with it. With some of the toughest mobs in Minecraftia you are up for a true challenge.

    We are PVP enabled, meaning you can join the arena and win on an official scale, or hunt your prey during the night. There are no limitations.

    We have a town setup, where you can live in a town and be safe.
    We also have an advanced personal setup, where you can claim individual chunks as your own, and protect your land

    RAN ON:
    Intel Xeon E3-1270 / 16GB Ram to provide lagless gameplay.

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17. Savage Realms view details RPG Dungeons Classes Towny PvP

    Tired of wandering aimlessly for something to do, unresponsive admins, laggy servers, lack of content, or just being bored? Then Savage Realms is the servr for you! After nearly a year of work we are getting RAVE reviews. The purpose of this servr is for you to log in and be able to have fun! No lag and a professional staff ensure fun no matter if you want to Build/Towns, PvP/Raid, or go do Dungeons and Quests. There is truly something for everyone with Towns, Building, Full PvP, Raiding Bases, Dungeons, Boss Fights, Quests, Events, and more! Just read what our members have to say(listed further down in the post.)

    Server Info:

    Adventures! - The worlds are created with adventure in mind. We want you to have fun. Build, do a dungeon, PvP, events, it's all here!

    BUILD/TOWNS - Join or start your own town! Build whatever you want and have it protected so that you can show off your great creations to everyone. Do everything that Minecraft offers and MUCH more!

    RPG/DUNGEONS - Go to the RPG World and progress from the easy quests and dungeons early on all the way to the most dangerous and trying boss monsters later on. Or maybe you want to just go through and site see our EPIC custom biomes and world which house all of the dungeons, quests, bosses, and adventure!

    PVP/RAID - Do you enjoy PvP? Well, then it does not get better than this! Go to our full PvP and Raid world. Experience LOADS of all out full PvP. Break in to a base using TNT and raid all their stuff. Join a Faction and dominate the world!

    EVENTS/TOURNAMENTS - Go to our Events world and do automated Arena's and Events along with several other people at any time. Or join one of our HUGE mod run events! Ever seen a 100 player CTF? We have had several and they are a blast!

    LAG FREE - Our revolutionary interconnected and seamless multi server setup along with all of our server side modifications guarantee the best Lag Free experience!

    ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our members.

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18. DissidiaCraft view details Survival /w mcMMO Vampirism mode

    - mcMMO- Towny- Economy- PvP-

    Type: Survival /w mcMMO Vampirism mode and hardcore mode enabled.

    What this server is: This server is running an optimized version of CraftBukkit along with plugins that further enhance the performance of this server. There is very little lag and the view-distance is set at a modest value of 6. You can start a town and make a new community, all towns are protected and plots can be setup to further secure your town. mcMMO is installed for a much more defined roleplay experience, you get money by killing mobs, sellings by using a shop, or auctioning items to other players.

    Improvements: We understand there is no such thing as a perfect server, but it would be greatly appreciated if you told us any improvements or reasons that would make you leave this server Posted Image. If you didn't enjoy your visit to our server please tell us why using this link: http://bit.ly/LRCMXG

    Server Admin & Moderator List: matthew99144, death1295, katevg, m0rin13, piqpy, mrman24, cheeseybaceon11, shadowamnesia, dinny_awesome, vladsora, commander_house, tunnelmaster, naomiboss, cashblade, sandeky5, cermicadmium, golbattthesexy, obsessionpc, man_3ater, snail200871, bobbyjoeyo, and a couple new premoderators every week or so.

    Applying for PreGM (PreGameModerator): Applying to become a PreGM is an easy process, just click this link and read everything in the thread: http://bit.ly/JfAznK

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19. The LastCrafters view details Semi Survival iConomy

    Hello fellow minecrafters!

    We as “The LastCrafters” want to share the awesome fact that we’ve opened up a new dedicated 24/7 server!

    Come join our semi-survival server with iConomy, shops, PVP and much more! Theres no whitelist and everyone is allowed to build.

    To give you an example of how awesome our server is, check out some screenshots in our Gallery: http://lastcrafters.com/gallery.html

    Here is an overview of the main features/plugins of the server:

    - iConomy: Virtual bank accounts with the currency being Dollars. Easily send and receive money from other players with this plugin.

    - Residence: Buy land and protect it from griefers. You can also build awesome creations and then put it on the market for other players to buy! With the use of subzones, you could even create your own city! (All by yourself – no waiting for admins!)

    - Lockette: Protect your chests from thieves. (All by yourself – no waiting for admins!)

    - ChestShop: Run your own shops (buying and selling). (All by yourself – no waiting for admins!)

    - Jobs: Join jobs to easily earn money doing things like Mining or Woodcutting.

    - Portals/Warps: Use portals and /warp commands to get to other places (Wilderness, Cities, etc.) fast! You won’t have to run thousands of blocks on our server to get to the next cool place!

    - And many other things to make the gaming experience on The LastCrafters as awesome as possible for you!

    The main cities on our server are PVP-Free. But watch out in the wilderness, because here PVP is on! We also have awesome locations to hold events in, like the themed PVP-Arenas and Treasure Island for treasure hunts!

    We would love to have you play on our server – and hope to see you soon! :)

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20. Lemon Craft view details No Whitelist Major Economy

    Everyone is welcome to Lemon Craft and we hope to see you there soon Features: • 99 Uptime • Major Economy • Optional PVP • No Site Registration • No Whitelist • Anti Grief Plugins • 24/7 • Dedicated • 100 Grief Free

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